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Bourgeois Beauty Review

Friday, November 27, 2015 Michelle Landriault

Through my love of Instagram I found this amazing makeup artist, and entrepreneur miss Kim of Bourgeois Beauty. Bourgeois is her beauty brand that screams go big or go home! Well, that's go Bourgeois or go home :)

Kim brands herself as a pro artist who started her education working under some celebrity artists over 8 years ago, she also markets herself as a personal beauty shopper for those of us who need a little help in that area. So, of course, developing her own makeup line is the next step for her. She sent me some lip products to try, and let me tell you these were fab!

Aside from the amazing color pay off, and subtle shimmer in the gloss I noticed right away a scent of cinnamon! I love the cinnamon scent, and the non sticky formula of the gloss. 

I asked Kim about some of her favorite products, this is what she had to say... SPEAKING of fave products don't miss her Black Friday sales. All her services are 30% off, and her liquid lipsticks are $10.00!

Tell me about some of your favorite makeup products, what couldn't you live without? 
"I love lip glosses, especially the thick heavy ones which are usually a no-no. I cant live without a thick hydrating balm. Until I am able to produce my own, there is one that I've been loving from Bath & Body called "My favorite Night time Lip Balm".  Secondly I love Mascara's, I often wear 2 or 3 of them! Currently I am addicted to Milani Runway Lashes, and my all time faves are by Lancome.

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