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Bernie Sanders: Outsider in the White House - Out now!

Monday, November 09, 2015 Tyronita Bell

Bernie Sanders has been the presidential candidate of choice for millennials. His stance on issues such education debt, civil rights, living wage and much more has really hit home with young people. He says, "What the American people want to see in their president is somebody who not necessarily win every fight, but they want to see him stand up and fight for what he believes, takes his case to the American people."

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Sanders was born on September 8th, 1941 in New York. He began his schooling at Brooklyn College and finished his degree at the University of Chicago. While at the University he acquired the position as organizer for the for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Fast forward to 1990 Bernie earned a spot in the U.S House of Representatives until 2006 when he began his reign as the U.S senate.

He announced his run for U.S president this April. He is considered the underdog of the race, because Hilary Clinton is the front runner. Although this has not discouraged Bernie. In an interview with CNBC he stated, “I fully concede that I get into this race as a major underdog. No question about it. I mean, Hillary Clinton is known by 95 percent of the American people. And clearly, in terms of money, I will be very, very, very heavily outspent."

The book Outsider in the White House is a detailed autobiography that provides incredible insight on Bernie's time as U.S senate up until the launch of his presidential campaign. The book is available now on Amazon. 

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