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A tale of human strength: Overcoming great adversity

Sunday, November 15, 2015 Jen Gordon

The story of Howard Beckman; Author of Tempting the Devil in the Name of God

Not too many people can say they lived through a hardcore heroin addiction, international drug smuggling, the hell of nearly two and a half years in a Thai prison, and a near death experience, to then come out on top and become a powerful spiritual teacher and healer.

Although it sounds like pure fiction, this has been Howard Beckman’s real-life plight. What began as indulging in drug exploration as a young adult became a raging heroin addiction, drug dealing, overseas smuggling and hitting an absolute rock bottom when he found himself in solitary confinement knocking on deaths door in a four by four foot Thai prison cell.
Beckman found the courage within to rise like a phoenix from the flames, and you can read all the juicy, tragic and ultimately awe inspiring details in Beckman’s new book set for release tomorrow, November 16th titled, Tempting the Devil in the Name of God.

When asked what is the most important take-away from the book, Beckman assuredly responds, “No matter how bad it gets, and no matter how far you think you have sunk, there is always a way out.  You have to ask the important questions of yourself and be open to living a different way.”

I pressed him a little further on the topic and he explained, “I went on to counsel many, many people to help them try and overcome their drug addiction but noticed that most people just wanted desperately to try and get their old life back. What they really need to do is create a new and better life based on healthier principles.”

Beckman is a model of practicing his preaching, as he began to rely on meditation to help him overcome the anxiety, pain and turmoil of being confined in such a terrible place. He began a very poignant spiritual practice.  Once released, Beckman eventually returned overseas but with an entirely different purpose in mind.

This time he traveled to India to meet with two spiritual teachers from whom he learned more about Vedic astrology, an interest of his since youth, and something that he’d read about to help him find serenity in prison. He also expanded upon an interest he had in rare gems, which he’d sold before going to prison and again afterward, by learning about their Ayurvedic healing powers.

Beckman’s life has continued to grow and expand and not only as he continued to become an expert in Vedic astrology but he also went on to create Ocala Equine Rescue 501(c) 3. All proceeds of the book will be donated to his passion and commitment to rescuing horses.

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