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You beautiful person, you …. Waking up your true nature.

Saturday, October 31, 2015 Jen Gordon

You are a good person; I mean beautiful. You are a dynamic, complex manifestation of light, energy and awareness. You were born knowing this about yourself.  Over the course of your life the veil came down and what people told you about yourself is what you  mainly began to believe. It’s how you got your identity as a child.

You developed who you are mostly by how others perceived you. We take on an identity over the course of our lives of what society, our community and our parents have told us.

In the beginning of our lives the world reflects to us what we are, when we grow up and mature we reflect out into the world what we want to be.

Often, the people in our childhood environment who have influenced us have seen us through their own hazy lens of their own often limited beliefs. And as a result, as children we defined ourselves by a hazier version of what we can or were meant to be.

The good news is that as an adult, it doesn’t matter what anyone has told you about yourself, it doesn’t even matter how people have treated you, or how you have treated yourself. All that currently matters is that you take responsibility now for how you want to see yourself and how you want to “be” in the world.

The secret is knowing that you have the power to choose within yourself, who and what you want to be and with this new orientation you can make choices that impact your world in a new way.

Blame goes out the window and life begins to reflect what you say you are and what you say you want it to be. There is no one stopping you, there is no thing stopping you. It comes down to your beliefs. And you learn to switch your beliefs to reprogram your life.

Identify your own inner thoughts and beliefs, audit them. What are you saying about yourself and the world? What you believe is what you will project out into the world.

When you decide to see your true nature and you decide to take responsibility for yourself now, then your life will change and become what you decide it to be.

The world becomes a world of all yes’s, all possibility, and it’s all your choice.

Does this sound interesting? It really is, because it gives you the full freedom to create a life that you want. No one can hold you back unless you let them.

Go get em', you beautiful person, you!

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