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Why Having a Full Plate is a Good Thing

Saturday, October 03, 2015 Tyronita Bell

Ever since the start of this Summer I have realized my full potential. With two jobs and two internships under my belt while look for a place was a bit much at times. I honestly look back and I don't even know how I even did it! Every time I get into something new, mom always tells me that I "do too much" or that I need to slow down. Of course I always tell her that I totally have everything under control, and that I'm simply an ambitious person.

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Since my schedule was so crazy, every second of my free time had to have some sort of utility. Everything that I do and still do has to have a purpose. Also the time commitments that I had made with the things I was involved with made me value the time I got to spend with my friends and family. I cherish it all the more because it's not too often that I get to see them, because of everything that I am doing. 

In addition to that, it made me become aware of all the things that I am capable of achieving in such a short amount of time. Being constantly on the go makes you have to tap into your time management and multitasking skills that had never been exercised before. While I was on the bus on my way to work I would be talking to a friend on the phone while answering emails, because otherwise I wouldn't really have the luxury to do either.

This type of responsibility is what it takes to really get ahead in life. Being able to handle having a lot on your plate gives you the discipline to you need to be able to achieve anything you want in the future. Settling for a simple schedule is too easy. I'm proud of all of the things that I have achieved within the past couple of months. I have literally done things that I wouldn't have even imagined myself doing a year ago.

I can without a doubt say I have grown from this. I'm not saying that I'm absolutely perfect (I have had my slip ups with forgetting things!), but I am now fully aware of all the things you can accomplish in a 24 hour period.

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