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Two Icelandic Brothers have Created a Solution to the High Energy Costs in America

Friday, October 23, 2015 Mykah Williams

It's very likely that you, reading this, are unaware of the current Energy Crisis in the United States. In fact, it was only a few weeks ago that I myself learned of our countries devastatingly high energy costs, particularly in comparison to the costs in other countries. It was recently reported that 7.3 percent of our income goes to energy expenses.  In some states, like Connecticut, the average monthly for energy reaches up to $407, that's $4,884 we lose every  to enjoy the luxuries of air conditioning and etc. And all though it may have already been obvious to us penny pinchers, the report also proved that lower energy cost does not equal a lower monthly bill. This is an issue of conservation, many Americans are living in homes with others who may not be conserving energy as much as we'd like.

Photo Courtesy Trinity on Kickstarter

Imagine if you could live in a world where the cost of energy was cut by over 50% f Think of all you could do with that spare cash! Paying off college loans, a European vacation, a fabulous high-end shopping spree, the possibilities are endless. To those of you already salivating over the thought of biting into an authentic french baguette, I have some news that will make your day. A brainy team of men may have found the answer to our problem. They have created an all-natural device that will allow us to use renewable energy to destroy the ever-growing crisis. It all can be done with the help of the Agustsson brother's Portable wind turbine power station.

Coming from Iceland, a country that only uses renewable energy, the men put their heads together to come up with a plan to help cure the energy crisis they saw in America. Together the Augustsson brothers, Agust and Einar have used engineering expertise to create a 3D prototype of the wind turbines which are called, Trinity. Trinity comes if four different models so the consumer may choose one that best fits their needs. To get a closer look at Trinity and its uses, check it out here. The brother's are in need of all the support they can get! Currently Trinity is on Kickstarter with $150.642 pledged to the company's project, which is $100,642 over the goal! 

A small taste of the Benefits of purchasing Trinity

The project's success is no surprise though considering the benefits that owning the turbine will create. The long term benefits of the power stations include both being able to lower your energy costs as well as selling the energy you don't use. To top this off, it's important to remember Trinity has such an easy set up process, it's a mere two steps. The turbine is also portable and lightweight for your traveling ease. And get this, for all you iphone users out there, Trinity will be able to charge your phone 16x faster! And they will be shipping internationally!

Photo Courtesy Trinity on Kickstarter

Trinity is only on Kickstarter for a few more days so if you're passionate about the cause go and chip in a dollar or two! And be sure to keep an eye on the company, more is sure to come from them!

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