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The Art of Design - Featuring Rareform

Thursday, October 22, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Every designer, creative and advertising professional has been exposed to or inspired by Milton Glaser at some point in their career. If you haven't seen "To Inform & Delight" - go get on Netflix or HULU and enjoy a visual cornucopia for the eyes. If you know of the "I Heart NY" logo, then you know his work.

Milton Glaser is one of the most celebrated graphic designers in the United States. He has been featured in one-man-shows at the Museum of Modern Art and the Georges Pompidou Center. He was also selected for the lifetime achievement award of the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum (2004) and the Fulbright Association (2011), and in 2009 he was the first graphic designer to receive the National Medal of the Arts award. To say he is a legend, would be an understatement.

As a Fulbright scholar, Glaser studied with the painter, Giorgio Morandi in Bologna, and is an articulate spokesman for the ethical practice of design. He opened Milton Glaser, Inc. in 1974, and continues to produce a prolific amount of work in many fields of design to this day. Recently, RAREFORM, an LA-based sustainable lifestyle brand making products from upcycled billboards, has teamed up with Lamar Advertising and Milton Glaser, for a new project called 'Art Lives'.

Design as art is steadily becoming a common idea in pop culture. There has always been a debate about whether or not design is art. Many people believe that art is created without limitations, has no real process and is created in an effort to ask questions and challenge the viewer. Whereas design is seen as something that fills a need, and answers those fundamental questions art asks. There are also many rules in design. Yet, these concepts are frequently intermixed and there is a much larger gray area in the modern digital age than most traditionalist would like to admit. Projects like "Art Lives" truly showcase how design can become art.

The team at RAREFORM believes in stories. For them, the story begins with bold billboards destined to sit in a landfill. Normally, that’s where the story would end, but instead they upcycle these billboards and give them the chance to become surfbags, backpacks, duffels, wallets, and other accessories. During their “Art Lives” series, they’ll be asking some of their favorite artists to design a billboard for RAREFORM. When their artwork is finished, their partner, Lamar Advertising, will print the art on a billboard and display it in Los Angeles.

Once a billboard in the “Art Lives” campaign goes up,  supporters will have the chance to choose what piece of the artwork they want to claim as their own. RAREFORM then transforms their special piece of art into a limited edition RAREFORM bag. What a concept?! For this first round, they're working with Milton Glaser to showcase some of his most prominent creative work. You can learn more about the project, purchase your own piece of #ArtLives and donate to the cause on RAREFORM's Indiegogo page.

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