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Slow Down

Wednesday, October 07, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

I noticed that there's always something that needs to get done and that's completely understandable because life moves fast and we have to keep up with the pace. We tend to have a list of things to achieve and get done in a day that we forget to slow down and enjoy life. We get so overwhelmed with things in our life that we forget to take a moment for ourselves. We forget to set aside some time for ourselves and honestly not doing so really starts to burn us out.

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Something I've realized is that we need to take some time for ourselves because we will begin to feel even more overwhelmed than we already may be. Even if it's one day out of the week where it can be considered your rest day and you don't have to clean or do work but instead you relax and do things that you enjoy to do. If you don't have a rest day then just take a few moments to do something you want to do. The mess in the house can wait. When I've been running around, I like to end my day with a bubble bath. It relaxes me and allows me to have time for myself. I either read a book, listen to some music or watch some shows on my Ipad. Time alone for yourself allows you to recharge your batteries so that you can be energized.

Whether you have had a long stressful day at work or your kids don't stop crying and arguing, remember to always find some time for yourself. After a tough day, slow down and take some time for yourself because you don't want to keep trying to run on empty.

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