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Roy's Filet and Lobster dish took my tastebuds on a journey to the Pacific Rim!

Thursday, October 15, 2015 Elaine Rau

I don’t rave about too many restaurants, but my experience at Roy’s Filet and Lobster gave me something to rave about. The service was absolutely impeccable and the food was beyond exceptional.

The man who started it all, internationally acclaimed chef Roy Yamaguchi, comes from a Japanese Hawaiian background so there are a lot of delicious Asian fusion inspired dishes to select from the menu. He wanted to blend the “aloha” spirit from Hawaii with delicious food, and that is how Roy’s Restaurant’s came about. 

Their featured two-course Filet and Lobster dish, currently priced at only $32.95 (for a limited time), took my taste buds on a journey to the Pacific Rim! It is the perfect setting for a lovely date, girls’ night out, or family gathering. I went there with a friend I had just met and had a blast. We started the night off with their signature Hawaiian Martini that they steep in fresh pineapple for 5 days before they serve it chilled accompanied by a fresh plate of well-seasoned edamame. Then the appetizers came out and I would say the winner for the night was the lobster pot stickers; every bite made us just want to eat more! The filet and lobster came out after that and we cleaned that up pretty well. Then we finished the night off with a pineapple turnover cake and Roy’s signature melting hot chocolate soufflĂ©. It was a beautiful and enchanting night that will be remembered for a long time… until I replace it with the next time I go to Roy’s! Cheers to the next experience!

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