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Reversion: An Indie Movie Flashes a Futursitic Twist

Thursday, October 15, 2015 Mykah Williams

I've been hearing the same complaint at a constant interval recently. Apparently, these days, its nearly impossible to find a new movie that instantly catches your interest and leaves your jaw-hanging and eyes buggered with every twist and turn of the plot. Reversion, a sci-fi thriller, written and directed by Jose Nester Marquez does just that

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Reversion takes place in what appears to be a modern day society, and follows young marketing professional Sophie Cle (played by How to Get Away with Murdur's Aja Naomi King). Sophie's father, an accomplished entrepreneur (Colm Feore), has developed an enigmatic device called the Oubli, for which Sophie is the head marketer.  Oubli allows its user to experience the warmth and excitement of their most joyful memories over and over again, both enhancing their memory and allowing them to experience it as if it were the first time.

So, imagine the intense feeling of your first kiss with your partner, or whatever makes you happiest, and now imagine that you could constantly replay this memory as much as you desire. It sells itself doesn't it? Sophie has a particularly sweet memory that makes her the perfect person to advertise the product. Sophie uses the Oubli to experience the memory of the last time she sees her mother, who committed suicide. Sophie proclaims that the device allows her to remember her mother in a positive light rather than have her emotions tainted by memory of the suicide.

Of course, in classic movie formulation the idea behind Oubli may just be a bit too perfect. A few days before the official launch of Oubli, Sophie is kidnapped by a stranger who claims that Sophie and her have something very sinister in common. The events that follow are very tempting to spoil so I'll just briefly glaze over what may happen. There just may be a masterfully hidden tragedy in Sophie's past that puts her life, and her desire to sell her father creation, in a sudden tail-spin.

The acting in the film is mostly spot on, as Aja Naomi King was nominated for the NAACP Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series earlier this year. King has knack for portraying the dedicated intellectual and friend and perfectly suiting the role of Sophie. Although the film heavily follows Sophie and her story, you are quite easily pulled into the story of every character, as they each have, or will endure a personal tragedy themselves.

Photo Courtesy of  www.themarysue.com

For those still wondering the overall tone of the film, it had a very The One I Love (which is available on Neflix!) feel about it. So, if you are a fan of suspense as well as psychological and sci-fi thrillers you'll definitely want to check out Reversion. 

As an avid fan of sci-fi I was impressed with creativity and freshness that came with the themes of Reversion. Whether you're into the independent film scene or not I really think you'll enjoy Reversion and the somewhat creepy and suspenseful atmosphere it creates.

Reversion opened theatrically on October 9th in select cities, and will have a wider national release later this year.

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