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October is National Dessert Month

Monday, October 19, 2015 Jen Lezan

So, apparently October is National Dessert Month. If there's anything to celebrate, it's definitely your sweet tooth. Desserts are a simple indulgence that can help cap off a beautifully prepared elaborate meal or add a touch of fun to a basic every day meal. The typical pairings with desserts always bring one's mind to the wine side of libations. Yet, beer might just be a match made in heaven for desserts.

Brews have come a long way from your typical store bought ales. Micro-brews and major brands alike are playing with new flavor combos showcasing chocolatey, caramel, and fruity flavor tones that are sure to pair well with sweets. Yet, pairing is not as simple as matching flavors. You have to keep how sweet and how intense the beer is to mix well with the right kind of dessert.

One Chicago chef - who knows her beer and sweets - Melanie Diamond-Manlusoc from Spiaggia Restaurant and Lounge, teamed up with the guys over at Let's Grab a Beer to highlight some awesome pairings! Melanie has made quite the impact on the Chicago food scene. Before joining Spiaggia in June 2015, Diamond-Manlusoc was pastry chef at Japonais by Morimoto, during which time she was nominated as a Rising Star by Her pastry career began after many years as a successful band director, when she purchased her first ice cream machine and began teaching herself how to recreate the gelati she’d fallen in love with as a music student in Italy. She's sharing her knowledge of tasty treats to create some interesting dessert and beer pairing ideas!
Check out the unique pairings below!
 Dessert Pairing #1: Sugar and cinnamon pretzel twists with three kinds of sweet dipping sauces –chocolate, sugar icing and fruit sauces – paired with a Doppelbock beer (like Spaten Optimator).  

Why It Works: The Doppelbock’s rich and nutty malt notes will bring together the flavors of the chocolate and fruit dipping sauces, while the beer’s residual sweetness will blend with the cinnamon sugar.
Dessert Pairing #2: Pump-can cake” – a pecan pie baked inside of a pumpkin cake – paired with a Belgian-style Pumpkin Flavored White Beer (like Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat).

Why It Works: This pumpkin-flavored beer will not only match similar flavors in the pumpkin dessert, but it’s also light and bubbly enough to cut through the richness of the cake. Its zesty, citrus flavors will also help lighten the dish, allowing the cake’s unique seasoning to really shine.

You can check out the rest of pairings over at Let's Grab a Beer

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