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Happy Halloween & Some Tasty Treats

Saturday, October 31, 2015 Jen Lezan

If you're having a grown up Halloween tonight, here's some tasty suggestions and beer pairings from the team over at Let's Grab a Beer! This roundup of sweets and drink pairings are perfect for an evening filled with spooky fun. Enjoy responsibly!

1) Chocolate bar with caramel and nuts 

Images courtesy of www.letsgraba.beer

a. Suggested Pairing: English-Style Bitter
b. Tasting Notes: The fruity hop aroma and rich malt middle of an English-style bitter plays off the caramel and chocolate sweetness while balancing the unique nutty character of this candy bar.

2) Peanut Butter
a. Suggested Pairing: Imperial Stout

b. Tasting Notes: Try a peanut butter treat with an imperial stout which has chocolate undertones that further enhance one of the world’s greatest pairings: chocolate and peanut butter.

3) Chocolate bar with wafers 

a. Suggested Pairing: Belgian-style Dark Brown Ale

b. Tasting Notes: A Belgian-style Dark Brown Ale is perfect with a wafer bar because of its slightly sweet flavor and darkly roasted malt which will bring to focus the vanilla flavoring of the crispy wafer center.

4) Sour and Fruity 

a. Beer Style: English-style IPA

b. Tasting Notes: The combination of sour and fruity candies with an English-style IPA that has fruity aromas, set off by a dry malt middle, and long hop finish balances the flavors.

5) Sweet and fruity

a. Beer Style: German-style Pilsner

b. Tasting Notes: The round malt character and balanced but robust hop bitterness of a German-style Pilsner makes the beer a perfect accompaniment to sweet treats like candy vines – the beer will cut through the sweetness and refresh the palate.

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