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Going with the push: Giving birth to your true life purpose

Thursday, October 15, 2015 Jen Gordon

Many of us have fallen into a space in our lives where we have strayed away from our true life purpose, our bliss or calling.

You may be in this place right now, where you have acknowledged that life did not serve up your desired outcomes and you are ready to do something about it.

Let me affirm that there comes a critical time when subconsciously resisting our true calling is no longer an option. We reach a point of critical mass when the life situations we are currently facing make us feel so unfilled we are ready to make dramatic and significant changes.

You might not have the exact vision of what you want; it might be a feeling or small or large hints from the universe that something greater, happier and bigger is possible for your life.

With all this realization that your life kind of sucks in its current status … You still may be caught in a state of resisting your calling and resisting your purpose because you are used to the old behaviors that got you into this in the first place. You are stuck with a life you don’t like but don’t know what to do about creating something new.

A good metaphor for me to explain a way out of this mess is from a recent experience I had delivering my third child, little Iris.

I was in labor and the contractions were coming on so strong that I was just being bombarded by them. I was so uncomfortable laying there with wave after wave hitting me that I knew I had to take action. The nurse and doctors told me I was not ready to push, but I didn’t care what they were saying. I was ready to push. And the reason it felt so good in the midst of already excruciating pain was that instead of something happening to me, I was doing something proactive to relieve my situation. I was happening to it. I was impacting my outcome.

Once I began a focused session of pushing, it only took me 15 minutes to deliver Iris. Take it from me, when you want to change your life; Don’t just stand there and let something happen to you. Go with the push and focus on doing something to life.

You might not know the direction you want to go, but doing something, taking any action to change your circumstance will call in the energy you need to give birth to the path of your best life and best self. All roads will lead to the same destination.

For more information about going with the push and programming your destination, please visit and schedule a complimentary one hour life coaching session today!

About the Author:

Jen Gordon is a life coach dedicated to helping people create change in order to invent a healthier, happier version of their lives. A life-long writer, spiritual seeker and teacher she has dedicated the last nearly 20-years helping individuals leverage their strength to become powerful creators. Through her authorship and direct interactions with clients she has been able to further her mission of teaching others to – change their inner landscape to recreate an outer life style that is based in love, abundance and potential. Jen was educated at the University of North Carolina Wilmington then later at Loyola University in Chicago, and is also an ordained minister. She is the proud mother of 3 children, loves to surf, snowboard, philosophize over wine or spirits, and sing and dance with abandon when no one is looking.

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