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Foreo Haul New Skincare Goodies

Monday, October 26, 2015 Michelle Landriault

Foreo sent me a few things for review. I've put them to the test, so, I'll have a full review up for you soon but check out my little haul of goodies!

Foreo is one of the first companies to formulate a day cleanser and a night cleanser. I feel like I am doing so much more for my face by incorporating some nighttime skincare rituals into my routine. I also feel like since using this Luna device the last couple weeks my skin has really turned around. There are a couple things that I can tell you already that I love about this product.
1. The charging time is amazing, I feel like I'll never have to plug this baby in ever again. For me, that's perfect, "Ain't nobody got time for that."
2. I never realized that the medical grade silicone was going to make that big of a difference. Having a super clean surface to clean your face with really helps in deep cleaning. The device is so simple and small, and I love how I never have to change out the brush heads.
3. They have one for me, for you, for your little sister... I love that they have different machines based on your skin-type. I WILL NOT BE MOLDED! hahha

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