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Enki Film Academy, The First Arabic Film Academy In The US.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015 Tariq Al saud

Enki Film Academy kicked off their first overseas workshop called Make Your Movie in Jordan. 

“The goal of ​​establishing an Arab film academy in the United States is to offer services and support to those who are interested in the film industry and how it interacts in the Arab world. We started that in 2013 with the establishment of Enki Film Academy and this year, we will be hosting the first film festival. It will contain fifteen short feature films from Jordan and other Arab countries,” said Ali Mohammed Saeed, founder and CEO of Enki Film Academy and originally from Iraq.

“Over the past century, foreign schools in movie industry have proven excellence and leadership,” said Saeed. “It became necessary to keep up with the huge  development in movie industry, in order to provide an aesthetic picture of reality of the Arab world through a cinema window.”

The Enki Film Workshop and Festival has fifteen participants from Arab countries across the Middle East.“ The theme of the workshop series this year is Children in Exile and in War. Each participant will produce a short feature film during the workshop.” said Saeed. “ We need to draw attention and focus on the need to tackle one of the most urgent humanitarian crisis of the Arab region.”

Ali Mohammed Saeed, founder and CEO of Enki Film Academy

Enki Film Academy seeks to contribute a new generation of film producers and directors and to apply the latest technologies in the field of film. “The school puts within reach of filmmakers the best training programs and does so in an integrated collaborative method with a large group of experts,” said saeed, “We established training workshops in the Arab countries under the supervision of experts in the film industry of the US to lead, inform and better educate how to articulate a vision and tell a story.”

Enki Film academy focuses on the practical skills of the trainee and uses equipments which is used in motion picture development. The Academy gives participants a chance to make his or her film within the training of the workshop. Enki Film Academy teaches the cinema arts through three technical areas: film script writing, editing and lighting according to enkifilm.com.

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