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Drenge at Lincoln Hall

Tuesday, October 20, 2015 Pearl

Last week, the English alternative-rock duo, Drenge, dropped by Chicago to perform at Lincoln Hall. As a part of their North American tour, they performed along with the band Made Violent in support of Wolf Alice. The band's set proved that numbers in the group have nothing to do with putting on an energetic show.

Drenge, normally a two-piece band consisting of brothers Eoin and Rory on guitar, vocals, and drums, was joined on stage by friend who supported the band's sound with an accompanying bass.

With a overall performance that was engaging and occasionally a little too energetic, especially when the bassist jumped into the crowd and swung his bass around at audience, eventually throwing it back onto the stage, Drenge proved to be a band deserving the praise.

If you want to keep up with the band, check them out on Facebook and Instagram. You can check out their music on iTunes, Spotify, and Youtube.

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