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Civil Twilight at Lincoln Hall

Wednesday, October 28, 2015 Pearl

The band Civil Twilight traveled a long way from home for their North American tour. Last week, the band, who hails from South Africa, performed at Lincoln Hall as a part of their Fall 2015 tour. Though it was a smaller crowd at the venue, due to the concert landing on the same night as a Cubs game, many fans still came out to the show in support of the band.

During the summer, the band released their newest album titled "Story of an Immigrant". On their newest album, the band did what they do best, create songs that share what it means to be human. At the show, the band performed a good balance of songs from their new album such as "Oh Daniel", "Let It Go", and "River Child", but also older fan favorites, such as the song "Letters from the Sky". For their encore, the band concluded the night with a stripped down version of the song "Human".

Despite the smaller crowd due the Cubs game also occurring on that night, the band didn't let that bring them down. They showed the audience their charm and sense of humor by occasionally checking up on the game scores and sharing the numbers in-between their songs.

If you want to listen to more songs by Civil Twilight, you can purchase their songs through their site or stream their albums on Spotify. Stay up to date with the band by following them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and on their website!

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