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Boosting His Date Night Confidence

Wednesday, October 14, 2015 Catie Coscino

When it comes to date night, impressing your date is the name of the game, and feeling confident in your outfit is a major step.  Everyone knows that what you wear is definitely important, but HOW you wear it is key.  Successfully making an impression is about more than just throwing on the right jacket.  Personal hygiene and comfort are two significant pieces that are often overlooked.

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One of our favorite men's products here at Halfstack is Kiehl's Body Fuel 2-in-1 body wash and shampoo.  It is all natural and sulfate free, featuring menthol and caffeine which stimulate the senses, leaving you energized and squeaky clean.  When it comes to hairstyling, keep it neat and classic.  Date night is about getting to know each other without distractions.

There is nothing worse than spending your time getting ready, only to slip on your shirt and leave a deodorant streak across the front in the process.  Instead, try Truly's natural deodorant.  It keeps you dry and smelling fresh without stinging or potentially staining your clothes.

Speaking of smells, when it comes to cologne, the trick is to make your date come closer to pick up on the scent.  You should not leave a scent trail behind you as you go.  Nobody wants to give their date a headache because they are wearing too much cologne, so keep it light and simple.  Our go-to fragrance is F by Ferragamo pour Homme Black.  It's enticing without being overpowering.

Image via TommyJohn

Now that you are getting dressed, you need to start with the layer that is closest to you- your underwear!  Fidgeting around isn't sexy.  A peek of your tattered Bart Simpson boxers?  Still not sexy.  Sticking your hand down your pants to "adjust" yourself?  That's actually cringe-worthy!  Wearing comfortable, supportive underwear is just one more way to ensure that you will feel confident and ready to tackle the evening.  And who knows?  If your date goes better than expected, you don't want to get caught in your old, worn out pair!  Tommy John is our pick for high quality and stylish undergarments.  Backed by research and careful design details, every last stitch is designed to perfectly support the wearer.  With various style and color options, there is a pair for every man, backed by a guarantee that it will be the best underwear you have ever worn, or it's free.

The point of it all is that when it comes to date night, your comfort level is the biggest factor.  When you feel amazing, you will look amazing- and that could lead to the start of something wonderful.

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