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Book Review: Grace Has a Silent Voice

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

Grace Has a Silent Voice by Nina M Kelly is inspirational, moving and thought provoking. Kelly conveys true life stories where grace plays a role during difficult and at times stressful situations. Life is full of ups and downs and honestly sometimes we don't shine that grace card that we all have. This book reminds us of grace during those dark storms.

Photo Courtesy of Grace Has a Silent Voice

The book is separated by different instances that will get you to think about grace being used and acknowledged. From the very first chapter we learn about a woman named Nancy whose journey is what caused grace to even be evident. It was beautiful to see how the loss of someone is someone else's life. The selfless gifts that humanity shows are truly unimaginable and simply beautiful. Sometimes we forget what a bit of grace can do for someone. We also forget that life moves way too quickly and sometimes we have to just go with the flow. We may not understand or be happy with where life takes us but we must remember that there's always a reason for where we're at in life.

The book reveals silent heroes that we don't usually give recognition to. For instance, Nancy loved the ability to work with children and her husband adored her. In an instance, one car accident led her to be brain dead and later to die. The ending of her life seemed horrific and unfair to her and her husband but we later learn that she was an organ donor and tissue from her body would be a perfect match for a two year old that needed it. Her silent decision to give of herself to someone that had no choice was a heroic move. Instances like that of Nancy's were shown throughout the book. We learn that heroes aren't always recognized in the media. Sometimes they are silent heroes, unknown to the world. These heroes never sought attention but practiced the value of grace. These real life heroes are the ones that truly need their own recognition.

Check out the book online and if you have a chance to read it don't hesitate to do so. The book is definitely an eye opener! You won't regret reading it because you will start to look and embrace life through new eyes.

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