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Bernie's Brings A New Taste To River North

Monday, October 12, 2015 Perry

Day-of ground burger, aioli, onion, cheddar, bacon - Bernie's, a Mediterranean inspired restaurant that opened it's doors in August, has created a burger that has ruined all other burgers for me!  Better than any ol' two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun, this burger is made of fresh and carefully selected ingredients.  This mouth-watering burger is just one of the many delicious dinner options Bernie's offers with their new, complete menu.

Can't have a burger without fries?  Bernie's definitely has you covered!  Their serving of fries is more than enough for two, piled high on a large serving tray, topped with sea salt, parsley and garlic aioli.

If you are looking for something a bit more unique, then the Lamb Hashwi is a must try.  Warm ground lamb and pine nuts, pooled inside a generous helping of hummus, served with grilled pita - it's a different, yet delightful dish.

Keeping the Mediterranean influences alive, Chef Zack Sklar created a lighter take on felafel by swapping out garbanzo beans for peas.  But, the innovation doesn't stop there!  Another intoxicating menu item, the Ricotta Gnocchi melts in your mouth before you can even think about chewing it.  Not made with heavy flower, this gnocchi is surprisingly soft and savory!

While you'll most definitely want to eat everything on the menu at Bernie's, you must save room for dessert.  Staying true to his passion for fresh ingredients, Chef  Sklar has created delectable dessert options that wont leave you feeling too guilty by the end of the night.  The avocado ice box pie pairs perfectly with the affogato - chocolate chip mascarpone gelato, and why not have a warm chocolate chip cookie to top it off?

River North is an area known for its bar scene and nightlife, but Bernie's is raising the bar for quality restaurants in the neighborhood.  If you are looking for a great rooftop patio, exceptionally delicious food and a modern ambiance, you are sure to love this place!  Don't forget to try the Bernie's Cheeseburger - I 'll probably see you there, enjoying one myself! 

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