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ACME Hotel Features Insta Gallery

Monday, October 19, 2015 Perry

Insagram is a great way to connect, share photos and be inspired by others from all over the world.  Some people use it to post pics of cute, fluffy cats dressed up as donuts (seriously, SO cute), while others use it as a platform for sharing their art and love for photography.

On September 30th, ACME Hotel debuted a pop-up Insta Gallery with a special preview event.  The pop-up gallery features photographs shared on the social platform by some of Instagram's most influential users.

Known for being an artist's hotel, ACME is very supportive of local and traveling artists alike.  In line with this year's theme for Chicago Artists Month, ACME curated work for the gallery that reflected the City as Studio.

One of my favorite grammers featured in the  pop-up gallery is Chicago born and raised photographer, Edward Gilardon.  I have enjoyed following his work on Instagram and seeing the images he captures both in Chicago and on his travels.  He is without a doubt an inspiration and an extremely influential artist!  If you haven't seen his work before, check out his Instagram handle, edgilaron, as well as his work featured in the Insta Gallery at ACME.

The gallery will be up and open to the public through November 15th, so make sure you check it out before it's gone!

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