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Weekend Libations - Labor Day Edition: Meet Vitani

Sunday, September 06, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

It's a long weekend! Mad respect to the unions of the past that made this Labor Day weeked possible. So, lets honor the day with a toast. Whether you're enjoying this holiday at the beach, the park or right in your backyard, you can create the perfect craft cocktail with Vitani minus all the mess and fuss.

Vitani was conceived from the minds of husband and wife team Eric and Jackie Gichner, when they found themselves wanting a product that just didn’t exist in the beverage marketplace. When frequenting local restaurants and bars, Jackie’s go-to drink was always, and still is, a Dirty Martini.

One day they realized that she never actually drank them at home. Why, you ask? Well, she didn’t want the hassle or the mess of making it herself and she could never create the taste she wanted at home. So, their journey began in search of the perfect prepared cocktail that you can enjoy at home and the rest is history in the making.

The recently launched VITANI provides that impeccable, professional-quality cocktail, wherever and whenever with an enticing line of ready-to-drink martinis—in five delicious flavors—perfect for pairing with your favorite meal. Vitani comes in chic ready to drink packaging and is perfect to add to your picnic basket for a no fuss specialty drink. All you have to do is shake, open and pour. You're also supporting local small business when you chose a brand like Vitani!

Vitani comes in five sweet, savory and classic flavors: citrus ginger, the cosmo, the dirty martini, elder pear and cucumber. Each martini is lightly flavored for an impeccable taste and doesn't leave you with that overly sweet or overpowering aftertaste. The elder pear and cucumber were by far my faves. These were perfect chilled in the fridge or poured over ice and enjoyed after dinner with my favorite desert: chocolate sorbet. 

We've rounded up a list of the perfect pairings for you to experiment with at your picnic or dinner this Labor Day Weekend!

To complement the VITANI Dirty Martini try…

• Sharp cheeses
• Nuts
• Carrots, asparagus, potatoes, beets
• Olive oil
• Garlic bread
• Salmon
• Caviar

To complement the VITANI Citrus Ginger Martini or Cucumber Martini, try…

• Sushi
• Crab cakes
• Curry dishes
• Grilled shrimp
• Sweet oysters
• Spicy fish tacos

To complement the VITANI Elderpear Martini or Cosmo Martini, try…

• Sorbets
• Berries
• A selection of fresh and dried fruits
• Salad with a fruity vinaigrette dressing
• Ricotta cheese
• Fresh yogurt
• Flan
• Crème brûlée

Packaged in sleek, environmentally friendly and easy to transport aluminum bottles, VITANI is perfect for any situation. Plus, the customized packaging chills five times faster than glass and stays cold longer as well. . The inventive cocktails are made with premium spirits and are sold in 200ml single-serve bottles. 750ml full-size bottles to share are coming soon. You can pick up Vitani in the Chicagoland are at select Mariano’s locations, Sunset Foods locations, Uncork It, Galleria Liquors, Milk and More, 1,000 Liquors, and Moreno’s Liquors.

Have a great holiday weekend readers and remember to enjoy responsibly!
Jen Lezan EIC

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