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Traffic Stopping Explosion of Light in Evanston

Friday, September 18, 2015 tgoandco

Tooling through Evanston, one notices a traffic slow down… OK. I lied. It’s not so much as a slow down but a slamming on the brakes. What was that? I kid you not. That is exactly the reaction this store opening is getting. No. It’s not a Target or Marc Jacobs. It’s a quirky little shop that glows with color and light.
The Little Light Bazaar is a new to Evanston and brings hand crafted light fixtures from Turkey. As mesmerizing as a Christmas tree, these light fixtures sparkle and twinkle like nothing else. Completely hand crafted, each is a mosaic made of glass that is hand cut and crafted in the old fashion way — not much different that Louis Comfort Tiffany. These are the real deal when it comes to hand made glass mosaic and not cheap plastic or acrylic. If one has traveled a bit, one has seen these fixtures in Spain, India, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey and much of the Middle East. You may have seen them but had no clue how to get them home without breaking them. Rather study and surprisingly easy to clean, the brilliance of their light is not dimmed by dust or dirt. The shades can be easily submerged and allowed to either drip dry or toweled off. There are no sharp edges to cut a finger on. They look amazing over a bar or in a kitchen. They are equally exquisite in a powder room, family room or foyer when one wants something truly unique but stunning.

A new adventure

Like many fun new businesses, the idea came to Mateen and Clarize Husami while on travels through Turkey a few of years ago. They spotted their first in Turkey and became obsessed with the beauty that the lights radiate. Within three short years, they decided to start importing them. They traveled to Turkey to find craftsman who could make them to American lighting specifications and to the level of quality they wanted. They did not want to sell any thing that was remotely considered kitschy or cheap. They wanted others to experience the mind-blowing explosion of color and light they fell in love with. They also wanted to share the level of true craftsmanship that goes into each lamp as each shade is made by hand. The metalwork on the lamps is equally unique and done beautifully — often times laser etched or cut into beautiful scroll work. The glass shades are very easy to change out so if one desires to paint a room. The fixtures are easy to adapt to a new color scheme or whim and can be changed out seasonally if desired. The shades are surprisingly affordable and can be mixed for explosion of color or made more neutral with clear glass that is hand blown.

The fixtures can be mixed/matched with something in the store or and made to match any d├ęcor. They can be custom made to a person’s specifications with regards to number of shades, configurations or heights.
“It’s kind of interesting. People come in and really linger. They enjoy being surrounded by the experience of all this colorful light and energy. They don’t want to leave. We started offering a cup of tea. It’s quite peaceful actually… except for the screeching of brakes from the cars outside.”
The Little Light Bazaar is located at 928 Chicago Avenue in Evanston, IL.
The hours are Wednesday through Sunday 12-7PM. You can reach them at 847-644-8851.

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