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The Beauty Beat: Fragrance Roundup

Saturday, September 05, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Fragrance is such a simple way to leave a lasting impression with someone. Smell is a sense that can evoke emotion and trigger memory. Fragrance can truly empower the wearer. What we know is that smell is the oldest sense, having its origins in the rudimentary senses for chemicals in air and water – senses that even bacteria have. Prior to us learning to hear or see, before we even learned to touch, creatures evolved to respond to chemicals in the environment around them.

The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of the other senses.  It is likely that much of our emotional response to smell is dictated by personal association. Something that has developed due to the fact that different people can have completely different perceptions of the same smell.  Psychology Today explains that, "incoming smells are first processed by the olfactory bulb, which starts inside the nose and runs along the bottom of the brain. The olfactory bulb has direct connections to two brain areas that are strongly implicated in emotion and memory:  the amygdala and hippocampus. Interestingly, visual, auditory (sound), and tactile (touch) information do not pass through these brain areas."

Although summer is beginning to fade away, you can keep a hint of summer with you through the fall season by incorporating some scents that have a  mixture of citrus, floral and fresh notes. The following is a round up of some scents that are perfect for the end of summer and that can help you leave a memorable impression.

Wild Essence by Halle Berry: A fragrance that truly captures the sensual spirit of a woman and inspired by the idea of connecting women with nature. Desirable and sexy, this multifaceted fragrance has notes of fresh citrus and floral that captivates the raw, natural beauty of a woman. ($28, 

GUESS Dare: Inspired by sexy, daring 70s icons like Charlie’s Angels and Bond Girls, the unique blend of notes, including Pear Blossom and Lime flower, captures the young and bold spirit of the GUESS Girl. The vibrant mix of green and fruity floral notes blends together to create a refresh, yet bold signature scent for the confident, seductive girl. ($62,

LOVE2LOVE Bluebell + White Tea: The latest addition to the captivating range of perfectly paired scents, this enchantingly romantic scent celebrates the bliss of discovering your heart’s true partner with addictive fresh and feminine notes. The fragrance includes notes of blueberry white tea, nectarine, orange flower and bluebell flower to completely draw in your senses. ($9.99, mass retailers)

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