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OOTD: How To Wear Your Maxi Skirt

Friday, September 25, 2015 Olivia Lemley

Maxi skirts are a woman's best friend; they can provide a cute and classy look while staying comfortable. Better yet, if worn correctly, maxi skirts or dresses can be universal for all seasons. Whether it is a bit warmer than expected, or you felt a little asymmetric twist to your outfit would brighten your day, the Maxi Pin by fabOdina has you covered. This accessory is not only for functional purposes; it can embellish any maxi outfit to accomplish a whole new look, and it is easy to slip in your purse for convenience. 

HOW TO: Gather up one side of your skirt to the desired height, and pin this genius accessory right into the thick seamline for a textured, asymmetrical makeover. Maxi skirts are at the top of my list when it comes to my favorite clothing items... It's the way it makes one feel classy and empowered while maintaining an irresistibly cute vibe. fabOdina throws "sleek" into the mix with this fashion accessory. Bring this look to a whole other level by styling your hair with a sock bun updo and further accessorizing with your best pair of stud earrings. For fall, you cannot go wrong with a soft, cozy jean jacket over a fitted tank to top off your ensemble.

With styles in silver and gold, you can pair your Maxi Pin with an assortment of colors and shades. 

Customize your wardrobe! Maxi Pins don't stop with maxi outfits— you can also rock scarves and have fun changing up sleeve styles with this fashion accessory by Odina. 

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