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Not dwelling on the old, but living in the new!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

How often do you think back on how your life used to be and compare it to what it is now? We all do it. We all have our moments when we remember who we were or what we did in the past and we think about where we are now. I had a friend that would bring back memories and old stories and would say that she wished she still lived the way she did before. It's okay to remember your past and where you came from. It's okay to reminisce on past experiences because I truly believe that the past is what makes you in the future. Whatever struggles you encountered or successes you had in the past will follow you in the future.

While I believe this is true, I also believe that your past does not define you. If you made mistakes and did things that you aren't necessarily proud of in your past, it does not mean that you are who you were. People grow and they change. They learn from their mistakes and become a better person for it. Your past is needed to be the person you are today, but it doesn't define you. You are stronger and wiser because of your past. Remember that we live in the now and sometimes things and issues from your past may pop up but know that you have moved on and moved forward. You are more mature than you were in the past. Sometimes just telling yourself that you are not your past mistakes brings a clear mindset. Life is about making mistakes and learning from them. You move forward in life because you've experienced being stuck.

Today, encourage someone that is struggling with issues of their past. Whatever it is, let them know that their past is intended to stay there. They can learn from those instances and move ahead in their life. They can take their past as a lesson learned. It takes a renewed mindset and a bit of encouragement to stop dwelling on the old and live in the new!

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