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Local Spotlight - COCO5

Wednesday, September 30, 2015 Jen Lezan

Supporting local made products and brands is such an important aspect of what we do here at Halfstack. That's why when we heard about the latest Chicago brand: COCO5, who is starting to get some well deserved national attention, we were stoked to talk to the team and learn more about what they're doing.

COCO5 is a “100% all natural” flavored coconut water beverage developed by a team of sports nutritionists and NHL professional medical experts determined to invent a healthier beverage alternative for professional athletes, recreational athletes, and active and non-active people of all ages. I've tasted so many different coconut waters and they always leave me disappointed. COCO5 did NOT disappoint. The flavors were tasty, refreshing and not over powering. The team did their research and developed a compilation of 6 flavors that enhances the coconut water and leaves you feeling hydrated and quenches your thirst.

The development team was determined to correct the problem where traditional drinks failed. Three years were spent on research and development of the six flavors to achieve the best tasting hydration beverage on the market.

COCO5 is known as the all natural fluid replacement beverage. It’s become the trusted drink of choice for EVERYONE. Thanks to its strong isotonic and all natural health benefits, COCO5 is guaranteed to appeal to health-conscious consumers. The beauty behind COCO5 is that it provides the same benefits as formulated drinks, but in an all natural form. There is NO high fructose corn syrup and NO artificial flavors, dyes, or colors in the drinks.

The Marketing Manager of COCO5, Lina Sandler, took some time out of her busy schedule to talk with us at Halfstack. She shared some insight to her career, what it's like building a brand like COCO5 and some tips for entrepreneurs launching out on their own.

Halfstack: Can you share a little bit about your career and how you got your start in your field? 

Lina Sandler:  My career has always been in sales where I was constantly growing national account business. I think growing business and raising brand awareness is my true calling. Within COCO5, I work to build the brand by coordinating the marketing plan with the national retailers to drive sales by working closely with our social media and PR teams. It is such a rewarding and exciting job, it also helps that I truly love the product.

Can you tell us more about COCO5 and why the company was launched?

LS: COCO5 was initially developed as an alternative premium rehydration drink for a professional sports team. Many years were spent perfecting the flavors to make our product the best tasting.

The partnership was formed when we realized that we had a great tasting product with all the great benefits of coconut water.

What sets COCO5 apart from the competition, how is the brand trying to innovate? 

LS: There are so many aspects of COCO5 that set it apart. It is vegan and gluten free, it is extremely low in sugar, and it contains all 5 essential electrolytes. The texture is also great; it isn’t thick like many coconut water drinks. The biggest plus of COCO5, the flavor! COCO5 comes in 6 flavors, some which have a stronger coconut taste, and some that lean more towards the fruity side.

Why did the brand decide to launch in Chicago?

LS: What’s not to love about Chicago? Chicago is where the product was developed, and this is a great market for COCO5. This city is home to people from all walks of life, athletes, busy parents, professionals, you name it, and Chicago has it. Our product is great for hydrating after workouts, for kid’s lunchboxes and after busy weekends, we like to think we have a product for everyone.

How do you believe technology has helped entrepreneurs? 

LS:  Technology has helped local entrepreneurs become more efficient with their time. Your cell phone can send reminders, schedule appointments and keep you on track. I am excited to see what the future holds.

What kind of advice would you offer to young people attempting to launch their own business? 

LS:  Young people need to know that it takes great dedication and hard work when building a new business. You have to believe whole-heartedly in the product or service. There will be times that you have to work down in the trenches, but it is often well worth it.

What can our readers look forward to from COCO5 in the coming months? 

LS: COCO5 is the official sponsor for the Chicago Sky! Fans can look forward to sampling the product and getting to know the COCO5 brand throughout the remainder of the season.

You can learn more about COCO5, where to buy and more online HERE.

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