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Life In Between

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

There are some weeks where it seems like everything is going absolutely bad! It almost seems like your life is falling apart and nothing is going the way it should. Recently I experienced a friend passing away. It was painful and the closest thing to death that I've experienced. I cried and felt like life was meaningless. You live to die. I thought about how ridiculous it was to have to face death in the face and be comfortable with the fact that we will all have to pass in the future. It kind of freaked me out because someone that I would see almost everyday just suddenly passed and I was no longer able to see her.

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I tried to reassure myself that this pain and sadness will decrease and maybe I would be able to understand the beauty of death (if there was any true beauty to dying.) I realized that life was not just about living to die. It was something much more than that. Life is about the in between. It's about what we do in between the life and death. It's about what we are able to accomplish and who we are able to help. It's about the impact that we've had on the lives of others and it's about being a true example of love and what consists of love.

 So as you go about your day and the rest of the week, take some time to help someone you wouldn't normally help. Share some hope to someone that may be experiencing a rough time. Show some love to those that may feel unloved. Do something kind that will make you happy and joyful because even though life gets hard and very busy, there's always time for positivity. When things get really complicated and messy, don't just spew out words of pain because while it may feel good at that moment, later on you will regret it. Speak words of kindness and understanding because you never know if tomorrow is promised! Take some time today to say and do something positive to either a loved one, a friend or a coworker. You never know, they may need it badly today. Life in between never seemed so much sweeter!

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