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INCOMING: Your Dream Playsuit

Thursday, September 17, 2015 Olivia Lemley

What's more playful than a playsuit? They are loved world-wide, but Jolie Coquette has changed the game for everyone. Fusing sleek with functional, there's a new playsuit revolutionizing the fashion world. Seems a bit dramatic? If you have ever dared to wear a romper, playsuit or jumpsuit you know what I'm talking about: no where to keep your belongings, unbelievably inconvenient while trying to use the restroom, minimal range of motion, and the cute straps that can never cover the typical bra.

Nonetheless, they are 100% adorable and in high demand—rightfully so. Jolie Coquette is a creative innovator that has come to solve our romper-wearing problems. 

The answer to your prayers and solution to your complaints is just around the corner. This fall, experience a playsuit, decked out with hidden helpers, for the modern woman. With features such as a cute v-neck and flared pant leg, this playsuit can be dressed up or down; rock this onesie with layered jewelry, tights and a blazer for a night out, or throw on a pair of your favorite booties and a cozy cardigan for a more casual look. 

EVERYTHING YOU NEED: With a sneaky, sleek A-line design, this is a playsuit that can flatter various types of body shapes. It's lined with deep unobtrusive pockets and a hidden ID card chest pocket, so you can actually keep track of your belongings without any hassle. Is going to the bathroom always a mission in a onesie? Make it quick and simple with a snap-open crotch. Finally, there is no need for constant readjustments with a cozy 4-way stretch and bra strap guards; you can look your best without all the upkeep.

Why choose between comfort and function? Jolie Coquette doesn't believe you have to. She is looking out for you, ladies! Take a minute out of your day to support her here.

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