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Go After Your Goals!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

September is here once again! In just a few months another year would have gone by. Usually around this time I really like to reflect on my life. I like to look at where I'm at, where I thought I would be at and where I know I can be at. I like to see the things I've done this past year and the things I want to still get done. Have you ever felt like you weren't getting anywhere in life? It's almost as if your life has become a boring routine. You're definitely not alone. Life is tough! I remember always having my life planned out. I was 18 years old and I knew what I would do in the next five years. I wanted to be done with school and be in my career. Five years seemed so far away but it came and it went and what I thought I would have accomplished just wasn't a reality for that time frame. I remember being so disappointed and feeling like a complete failure. I remember comparing myself to other people that were my age and seeing their goals being achieved but mine was not. I had my life planned the way that I wanted it to be and it didn't happen. Slowly I began to learn that it doesn't matter how many plans you may have, sometimes God makes a change and allows you to go a different direction because there's a better blessing. I've learned that comparing myself to others only makes me sad and jealous. We have to go out there and live the dream that we want!

I love seeing older men and women in school determined to get their college degrees. The possibilities are endless and age is not a reason to give up. If you put your mind to you then all things are possible. Maybe it's that you want to be debt free or start a business. It doesn't matter what you want to do as long as you have a passion and drive for it. What usually keeps me going is knowing that I'm not alone and that if I am persistent and determined then I will achieve even my hardest battles.

 Don't worry that you will fail and make mistakes because you will. The beautiful part of it is that you can get back up and start again. Your dreams don't end when you mess up. Keep pursuing your dreams whether they are extravagant or simple. Also don't be afraid to dream BIG. I was always afraid to dream big because I didn't want to disappoint myself. I was afraid to tell people my dreams and aspirations because I didn't want to embarrass myself when those desires didn't come to pass. One thing's for sure, don't be afraid to claim your goals. Go after them no matter how difficult it may be! You can do it! Don't be disappointed when the map of your life looks a little different than you thought it would be. Life throws us curve balls and sometimes there's a hiccup in our plans. So write down your goals and strive to achieve them but don't be sad when it doesn't come easy. Keep living life as best as you can and don't let anyone tell you that you can't!

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