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Driving Your Problems Away

Wednesday, September 09, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

Have you ever felt like getting in your car and just driving far away? You don't have a set destination but you just drive and drive until you get tired. There's been a ton of situations that weren't easy but I've had to deal with. The scenario of driving away kept replaying in my mind until it almost seemed pleasing and acceptable. Most of the time, I wanted to get away because the issues that surrounded me were difficult to face.

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Honestly with all the issues that we are bombarded with in the media nowadays, a good escape doesn't sound too bad. It's not terrible to want to leave when issues arises. What's terrible is when we don't settle the issues once we return. Issues will always be there for a resolution. It's up to us to want to resolve them. It doesn't matter what the situation or problem is. Whether it be with friends, finances, family or work problems will always be there. Sometimes looking at the problems that we may have as possibilities to overcome them will help change our perspectives.

The next time you want to get in your car and drive away from a problem or a complicated situation, take a breather and come back to the problem. Resolve the issue and move forward! Don't allow the stress and the situations overwhelm you and make life difficult. It's not a bad thing to drive away for a while from all the drama, but always come back to resolve the problems because the problems wont resolve themselves. We can try to forget situations but they will always be there. We have to face the issues that keep us up at night because they can make life unbearable when they aren't resolved. So after the long drive to clear your mind, come back with courage to face the things that seem to bug you!

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