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YouCam Perfect App Review

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 Denise

YouCam Perfect is another picture editing app. This app has four main sections. On the home screen you will find that there are seven more sections on the bottom, three out of the seven (make up, and the two buttons on the end that constantly changes) are other apps from the same brand that you can download.

The first section is the perfect cam which is a camera app with presets. This camera automatically smoothens your skin. You can also add filters to your selfie even before you take it. You can also record a video if you wish. There are filters that are grouped into food, artistic, scenery and portrait.

The next section is face beauty, where you can edit existing pictures in your gallery.

Effects allows you to choose a filter to put on your picture. You can smoothen your skin and change the tone of it as well with this app. Like the YouCam Make Up this app allows you to reshape your face, enlarge your eyes, add blush and contour, remove acne, eyebags, red eyes or oils. It can also add a double lid if you wish. Two new features are added onto this section of the app which is the feature that can make you look taller in your picture, and one that can make you look slimmer.

Photo Edit allows you to add a filter on your picture or a frame or text. You can also adjust the colors in the picture if you wish.

You can create a collage with this app as well! You can have up to 6 pictures in a collage. There are designed frames available depending on the number of pictures you want in the collage.

This app also has a Beauty Circle section which is the same as the one in the YouCam Make up app.

Similar to YouCam Make Up you can download more filters, frames, sceneries and more through the template section of the app.

A new section in this app is the cut out section. This is a very you can cut out the head of your selfie and attach it to different animated pictures. You can also cut out the whole body of your picture and paste it onto a scenery or a location. This is a fun section of the app, but it looks weird and funny.

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