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YouCam Make Up App Review

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 Denise

Ever taken the perfect selfie, but wish you were wearing make up on that picture? YouCam Make Up is an app that allows you to instantly add make up to your selfies! Want to instantly amp up your selfie? Use the YouCam Make Up app.

Use with caution: if you are going to use this app, please remember that you are beautiful. There is nothing wrong with enhancing your pictures, but don't let these pictures be the end. Make the person behind the picture is beautiful inside as she is outside.

How to use it:For those of you who are not familiar with this app it is very easy to use. There are six main sections in this app.
The first section is the make up cam. Here is where you can instantly add make up to a selfie you're just about to take. This section has a feature that smoothens and clears up your skin instantly. You can also choose from a variety of looks. Each look has creative make up settings that follow specific points on your face. You can edit the looks that they give you by choosing on which part of the make up you want to change.

You can use the back camera to take a picture of someone else by clicking on the camera button on the top right corner.

The gear button on the top left corner allows you to use a timer, choose how much percentage of the skin beautifier you want and it also allows you to choose if you want a sound effect when taking pictures.

As mentioned earlier you can choose to change any part of that make up from the given looks from this app. You can also create a totally different look that best suits your selfie.

The natural make up section allows you to edit existing pictures. This section has everything from make up changes to hair color edits. This is my favorite feature of this app. It allows me to visualize certainly looks that I would like to try without trying it on myself. For example if you want to try a different eyebrow shape but you don't necessarily want to commit to a brand new eyebrow shape, this app allows you to visualize what a new eyebrow shape would look like on you.

You will begin by choosing the picture that you want to edit. Once you have picked up the photo you want to edit the app will scan your photo and determine the points it needs to know to be able to apply the make up that you will choose.

The first feature available is the skin smoothener, which true to its name smoothens your skin.

They have preset locks that you can choose from, or you can make your own. Apart from applying make up, there are different features to this section like the nose enhancer which adds a shadow to your nose area to make it look more skinny. Think of it as a digital contour.
As with all of the features you can change in your picture, you can choose how much of this feature you want on your picture.

Speaking of contour, this app also has a face contour feature. This is one of my least favorite features because I feel like it just makes for a selfie look dirty and grainy.

Ever curious on how your face will look like a little more slim? The face reshaper helps in making your face appear smaller.

As far as makeup goes this app has everything from foundation to lipgloss, so have fun experimenting on different looks.

Here's a matte lipstick look and below is a glossy version. You can also choose a two-tone lipstick which is really cool.

My favorite feature of all, is a hair color feature of this app. Ever wanted to try an extreme color on your hair but not sure how it will look like? Is this feature allows you to change your hair color instantly so you can visualize how a specific color hair will look on you. I love that that look of the hair color is so natural. I actually fooled a lot of people into thinking that I dyed my hair. It looks that real. There is also a feature where you can try a different hairstyles. I am not a big fan of it, it looks very fake, but if you just want to see how the specific hairstyle look on you, with a good selfie it may actually work. I also wanted to point out that if you have darker hair,The blonde colors won't necessarily come up very blonde.

You can also try different contact lenses on this app. This app has a variety of color and styles of contact lenses. Don't see any you like? You can download more styles and colors from this app.

There are other features in this section of the app to like be accessories feature where you can add sunglasses or hairbands or accessories to your selfie.

Once you are done you will want to click the disc button on the top right corner of your screen. It will take you to the screen you see below.

So here is the moment of truth, the before and after of the picture that I used for this app. Drumroll please.

Over all, I thought that this app was really entertaining. I love the fact that I can visually see concepts or ideas I want to try out such as the new hair color or in your eyebrow shape before pursuing it. I also love the fact that you can download more looks if there are other things that you are looking for. you can find these extra locks in the more looks section of this app. There is also a feature where you can add frames and text onto your pictures to finish up the look.

The next section of this app is called cost to make up. This is where more cost to me make up is found. You can add these make up looks to your selfie as well. There are some blocks that are pretty downloaded onto this app you just need to scroll through and click they use button. Don't find anything you like? That's OK. Just click the more looks button to download different looks you don't see in the pre-downloaded ones.

Next is the beauty tips section of the app. This is great for people who aren't necessarily as versed in make up. Even if you are a master in make up, this section is great for you. This section has a videos of tutorials specific subjects or looks.

The final section of the app is the Beauty Circle. The layout of this section of the app is very familiar if you have been to Pinterest. It is where you can find ideas and inspiration for your make up looks. You can follow other people who are using this. I love that they added this section in this app. It just makes this app a well-rounded make up app full of great ideas and tips.

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