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Why Millennials are NOT entitled!

Sunday, August 30, 2015 Tyronita Bell

Most of the older generations refer to millennials as being lazy, entitled, self absorbed young people who do not genuinely value face to face conversations.  They always mention that “T” word. Technology.

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They constantly go on and on, about how we don’t know how to hold a proper conversation, and how we get lost in the world of social media. That is just not true! We can make impromptu movie nights with our friends at the touch of a button. At the end of the day  We have an entire database of knowledge in our hands, and we don’t apologize for taking advantage of it. Yes, it probably won’t come to our advantage that we don’t have any numbers memorized, but that’s what the cloud is for!

I never fully understood why people call millennials entitled. We were born in the wake of digital age (okay not our fault!). We saw the shift of our country during  the Great Recession of 2008. We’ve seen our financially stable families’ world turn upside down. We have seen a whole economy fall apart right in front our eyes. Our generation will literally be known for being in debt. So why do people still label us as entitled?  Because from my personal experience I’ve only seen our generation work harder and smarter than ever to make certain of a stable future.

Our personal goals have changed from our parents'. Our generation is changing the game. We are establishing our own businesses, before age 25 (thanks to the internet!) and we areputting success in our own hands instead of just waiting for opportunity to knock.  Our idea of happiness isn’t working our butts off all our life to carry out the dream of someone else, have kids and grow old. We are changing the dynamics of what past generation have called success! We want to see the world, we want to meet new people, try new things, learn about new cultures, but we don’t want to wait until we are retired to do it.

We are defying gender roles, because we are growing up in a world where a woman’s purpose isn’t to just find a husband, cook, clean and take care of kids. There is nothing wrong with this, but the world has changed.  We are fighting for a living wage, equal rights, and affordable education. We are not entitled, we are simply demanding what we deserve as human beings! We know our worth, and we know what we are entitled to as adults contributing to society.

Now my goal is not to talk down on the Generation X.  If it weren’t for them we wouldn’t be here. The beautiful part of  those before us is that each generation builds upon what the last generation left behind. This is how you improve as people.  Just because the way we connect is different, and completing certain tasks are easier certainly does not mean that we are not capable.

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