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Wall Space Art App - The Future of Selling Art

Thursday, August 06, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

Technology has made so many things possible for creatives to be able to get their work in front of an audience. The traditional way of just getting your work placed in a gallery or selling it to individual collectors has been expanded through innovative technology and apps.

Gone are the days of the starving artist. Creatives have an opportunity to improve their art, showcase themselves and thrive in a lucrative market, if they're willing to put in the leg work. Etsy, pinterest, shopify and big cartel all have helped creatives to set up websites, socialize and offer them a platform to sell. Social media apps have offered creatives a place to connect and share. Apps like Artsy and Geo Street Art have offered places to showcase.

With all the different types of apps and websites to use, it can get overwhelming. One app is aiming to merge all of these ideas of selling, curating and socializing into one. That app is Wallspace Art App. Created by Dennis Quijano (we featured him AND his gallery: Paper Crown  in THIS ISSUE of Halfstack), the app is offering artists one platform to buy, sell, trade and socialize.

Wallspace Art App Screenshots Courtesy of Wallspace Art App

So, what is Wallspace Art App? Wallspace is the best mobile app for artists, crafters and creatives to socially share, sell and trade their creations. For art lovers, this is the place to buy direct from the creatives and build a long lasting relationship. It also offers you the chance to get best direct prices from the artists. The app is an easy and cost effective tool to help you move your creations to the world! It's a pretty awesome concept, and we wanted to learn more about it and share it with all of you readers!

Dennis Quijano, the founder of Wallspace Art App and Paper Crown Gallery, took some time to answer some questions about the app, how it's going to help sellers and buyers alike as well as what is going on down at the home front that is Paper Crown Gallery. Read on for the full interview!

Dennis Quijano at Paper Crown Gallery - Photo by Stephanie Battista for Fall 2014 Issue of Halfstack

Many of our readers already know you from Paper Crown Gallery, but can you tell us a bit more about yourself and you background Dennis?

Aside from being co-owner at Paper Crown Gallery, I run a couple of other business' that cater to the art and artistic industry. Working in the art industry as well as being a working artist, I get to see both sides of the coin which don't always coincide, haha! The great thing, though, is being able to attempt to create a system that's beneficial to both sides of the industry. Being submersed in this, I was able to create something that would be helpful to artisans as well as not take away from the art industry.

So, what is Wall Space, what inspired you to launch the app?

WallSpace Art App is a mobile tool that allows artisans/crafters to share, sell, trade, and receive offers for their work. The idea behind this app is to create an independent and cost effective tool that allows sellers/artisans/crafters to create a curated community. Within this community, consumers can view various artists and products.

The inspiration came directly from being an artist selling goods on my social media, personal website and physically in stores. I wanted to create a simplistic tool that allows me to centralize all these things for potential buyers, as well as a mobile option on the go for when I'm at social events. Everyone meets people and sifting through my pictures to find my work is somewhat of a pain,  haha! So, this app also allows more ease and adds that "professionalism" edge to the process.

Can you tell us more about how artists vs. buyers can use the app?

Artists have some great features when creating a profile on WallSpace Art App. These features allow you to sell, trade, and share items in your profile as well as give consumers access to your social media links, website, direct email and even phone number if need be. The app is available for a $5.99 one time fee and there's no other fees the artist will incur from the app. We are also active in promoting the app and it's artists through the WallSpace Art App social media outlets.

For buyers there's a WallSpace Art App FREE version. This is a great way to connect directly to artists and gives them a chance to purchase affordable artwork as well as work directly with the artists on pricing, which is why there's a "make an offer" button available. Other great features for buyers is being able to feel the connection directly with emails and other avenues to contact the artist.

Can you share a bit about what goes into developing and launching an app?

It's a bit of a process. We started out with the logistics and infrastructure of what the focus of the app/idea was going to be, then moved onto creating a user friendly environment in a mobile form. It's definitely a trial and error process because even after the launch we plan on being active in updates and creating a better experience for users continuously.

What are your goals for the growth of the app this year?

We'd like to team up with art stores to help cross promote their business in providing tools for creating items and then have WallSpace Art App be the selling tool. We'd like to have several thousand artisans selling on the app as well as 3 times more consumers/fans using the app.

How do you feel technology has helped, hindered or influenced art and artists in todays day and age?

Technology has been a great help in creating more availability for artists. It's also easier to connect with others. Technology also makes it easier to multi-task. Yet, there is still the need to be social in person and be out there and active. I believe that relying only on technology is not enough. Technology is a great tool paired with everything else...but not to rely on solely.

Where can we learn more about Wall Space and where can we keep up with you?

You can definitely check out the website, as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages.

If artists want to get involved, how can they?

All artists need to do is download the WallSpace Art App onto their phone or tablet to join and get started.

Any upcoming events at Paper Crown you'd like to share?

Paper Crown Gallery is currently hosting a new group show entitled "Cut Out Show". You can check more details about it at

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