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The View From Rock Bottom

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

Life is full of ups and downs and a ton of surprises. Those surprises, of course, aren't always good. We have all experienced hardship and difficulty in life and usually we are able to jump back up and keep on going. Unfortunately, there are times when it takes us a little longer to get up after a rough patch in our lives. Maybe someone you love has just called it quits or maybe you realized that you're drowning in debt. Whatever the case may be and whatever we may be experiencing, it's important to get up and brush that stress off.

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I know that there are situations where you just want to stay in your bed, with your pajamas on and watch Netflix and eat junk food all day. That's perfectly fine and sounds very relaxing BUT there's always a time to get back up. We will always be faced with stress and drama and there will be situations that are way worse than others. Those are the perfect opportunities for a Netflix time of day but don't stay in the puddle of woe. Sadness will come but remember sadness will also go. The ups and downs of life is what makes it so exciting and memorable. Sometimes hitting rock bottom is the place we need to be in order to learn a lesson that maybe we couldn't learn otherwise. It's a place of humility and insecurity. We are uncomfortable when we hit rock bottom because it's the lowest of low and the only other way to go is up. It's when we've reach a place where we must surrender what we want to do and work on what is needed to get done. It's a place where we must set ourselves aside to be able to learn. It's a place where we are vulnerable and need to ask for help. The good thing about hitting bottom is that you have a perfect view of the journey to the top.

So you've hit rock bottom. Now what? Now it's the time to brush yourself off and keep moving ahead because you know what, life goes on. Hitting rock bottom does not mean that the world ends. It sure may feel that way but the reality is that life goes on and so should we. Leave the past in the past and work on what you need to get done for your future. I've learned that battling through the challenging moments in our lives truly makes us stronger and more confident in ourselves. We should exchange the nagativity that could be weighing us down for bravery and confidence. Everyone falls down, but there are only a view that keep themselves motivated. When we fall we grow a thicker skin and the little stresses in life don't affect us as much. Look at the negative situations and conquer it with positivity! When you fall down, get back up and keep on moving. I look at life like that friend that you get a long with most of the time but there are days that Life decides to choose you as his target during a dodgeball game. The ball is heading towards you, let's learn to swerve!

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