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Nuvino - Weekend Libations

Saturday, August 15, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

The weekends are the perfect time to enjoy simple luxuries and have fun. An evening in with friends, fun movies, apps and small bites along with a card game or two is such a low key way to enjoy yourself. Instead of brunching it up at a restaurant,  maybe do a rooftop picnic with all the fixings and fun mixed drinks or easy to serve pouch wines.

Nuvino wines are like juice boxes, but for adults and are always fun when enjoyed responsibly. They are easy and portable and perfect for a summer picnic, rooftop brunch or evening in with the girls.  Nuvino is a radical departure in winemaking. Typically, we think of wine as more refined than fun, but the Nuvino brand is breaking the mould. You can be classy and still have fun. You don't need to carry around a wine glass with your little pinky in the air. Rather, you can be a young millennial enjoying an adventure out camping or picnic on the lake and not have to worry about breaking the wine bottles.

Nuvino, is making good wine and giving it a fun and innovative twist by packaging it in resealable pouches. The wines are curated from four internationally renowned wine regions, sold in single single-serve pouches can be enjoyed anywhere at anytime. Your thirst to explore new trails or new friendships now pairs perfectly with your thirst for great wine thanks to their flexible (and resealable) pouches. You can  enjoy wine in places you never could before. Nuvino is wine without all the excess baggage.

The lightweight, unbreakable pouch requires no corkscrew to open and is ideal for use anywhere bulky, heavy glass containers are undesirable. Bring Nuvino outdoors, to the beach or to a concert under the stars. One glass at a time. They are the perfect addition to your picnic basket for Ravinia or any of the the free concerts in the park in downtown Chicago. You can learn more about them here and purchase them online at

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