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Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour 2015

Thursday, August 13, 2015 Perry

There will always be songs that make us compulsively smile when we hear those intro beats - with lyrics that speak to our life, as if the song was made for only us in that moment.  There are songs that make our eyes well up, give us chills and make us feel like, if even only for a few minutes, someone truly understands us.

When the harmonized vocals of English indie band, Bastille, beats through my headphones, introducing their hit single, Pompeii, I am captivated, time and time again by the haunting melody.  Since hearing their music for the first time, I have been an admirer of these soulful musicians, so I was thrilled to hear that they would be traveling to my city to perform as a part of this year's Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour


Launched in 2014, the Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour is a multi-city music tour, highlighting compact luxury vehicles, entertainment, fashion and art.  This year, the tour debuted in New York on June 23rd, and since then has traveled to select cities, such as Chicago and Las Angeles.  The tour will continue on next to Atlanta, GA on September 3rd, and on October 22nd the tour will make its final stop in Austin, TX.  

We got a chance to speak with a Mercedes-Benz executive about the tour and this year's featured vehicles!

Halfstack Magazine: Can you tell us more about how the Evolution Tour came to be?  

Mercedes Benz: Music is one of the most important customer intersects at Mercedes-Benz and one that the brand is using to invite and inspire younger consumers to experience Mercedes-Benz. The tour is produced exclusively by Mercedes-Benz to showcase the intrinsic bond between music and cars.

HS: Can you tell us about the featured GLA and CLA vehicles and why they are a part of the tour?  

MB: Mercedes-Benz is looking to engage millennial through music with platforms such as the Evolution Tour to create memorable, emotional experiences that resonate with this audience and influence brand loyalty.  These specific vehicles, the GLA and CLA are poised to captivate the next generation of buyers.

HS: Why did Mercedes decide to team up with artists like Bastille and Passion Pit for the tour? 

MB: While both bands are commercially established and critically acclaimed, they still retain their indie credibility which resonates with the target millennial audience. These key attributes were important as we looked to build on the momentum from the first Mercedes-Benz Evolution Tour which featured Alabama Shakes, Young the Giant and Mayer Hawthorne.

HS: Why do you think celebrating music and cars together makes sense? 

MB: There has long been an inherent bond between music and cars. Cars personify the power of freedom and mobility and has inspired countless songs over the years.

Check out a complete gallery of images from the Chicago tour stop at the Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier!  


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