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Load Up on Accessories— That's an Order!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 Olivia Lemley

Modern, effortless jewelry. What more can we ask for? Before you throw answers my way, check out the story of an L.A. native designer who started her path off as a pharmacist.

Stephanie Karen's family has been part of the historic Los Angeles Jewelry District for over 30 years. After starting her career as a pharmacist, she decided she was destine to release her artistic side. Her unanticipated spark of passion for designing jewelry has spoiled us with Stephanie Karen Jewels.

The excitement for her Summer Collection has built and is available for you to browse! This collection, in particular, offers a unique twist to the cultural trend with necklaces and rings faceted with diamonds, sapphires and 14K yellow, rose and white gold. Have you been searching for jewelry to pop out at you from the typical, "been-there-done-that" styles? Stop searching, because SKJ is now on your radar.

With so many different styles, mixing and matching has never been more fun! The latest collection, loaded with soft colors, can be paired with just about anything. Having trouble believing me? Try it out yourself. The assortment of different options available reels in interest from punk rockers, tea party lovers, the cute and innocent, the edgy and adventurous, romantics, and many more!

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