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HSM x Not A Size Zero Beauty Haul Review

Friday, August 28, 2015 Denise

As promised, Denise of  Not A Size Zero is back to give you guys a review for the amazing loot she got!. Didn't see the haul video? Check it out here.

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Anti aging products are hard to determine if they work or not. It takes time and you need to pay close attention to the changes in your skin. I don’t have fine lines as of yet and I am happy about that, but it makes seeing the effectiveness of the product difficult to determine.

Line Mender $56.00

This is the second best product in this set. It definitely moisturized my skin and gives it a cool, refreshed feeling. The fact that you get a full size jar in this set is a big bonus for me too!

This is my favorite out of the bunch. I definitely saw a difference after consistent usage. The dark circles under my eyes have slowly gotten brighter.  This product does get pricey if you decide to purchase the full size, but I think it would be worth the investment. I know I’m buying it. It worked well for me and I can’t say the same for other eye creams.

One of the things I really wanted the cleanser to do was to repair my skin. I notice some acne scaring that I though would diminish as I continue to use the cleanser. One of the claims was to repair, so I was a little bit disappointed on that end, but it does a great job of cleaner my face. It feels squeaky clean and fresh. I think the citrus scent of this collection makes it a refreshing skin care routine.

Shower Cream $28.00

I enjoyed that this wash was both refreshing to the skin and it was also moisturizing to the skin, even without using a body lotion; that earn this body wash major points in my book.

Body Whip $28.00

The light formula of this product allows the skin to absorb it quickly. This product maintains the moisture even up to day 2, which I thought was a major plus.

Hand Cream $18.00

The formula is a little bit thick, but the skin easily absorbs it. The scent lingers for a little while, so for those of you who enjoy a citrusy smell that’s good news. It kept my hands feeling smooth and moisturized without feeling greasy.

Compared to the Body Whip, this formula is thicker and it take a little bit longer for it to dry, but it still locks in moisture to your body. The scents that I got are very sweet. The orange cream smells a lot sweeter than black cherry. The smell from black cherry is quite faint, but both scents don’t linger for too long.

I did notice that there were less fall outs from my hair after using it, although, I don’t like that fact that I need to take too many pills in a day. The taste is unpleasant and I didn’t really see the other things it claims to do.

I’ve never been so disappointed with one product. This product really didn’t work for me. Instead of making my skin look radiant, I got a lot of acne from it. I know that it’s from the pills because I’ have to try this three times now. Sadly, third time was not the charm for this one.


I am in love with this product. I have nothing, but good words for this product. The formula is very creamy and smooth. It doesn’t dry your lips, and the color really sticks to the lips for a long time. It does take a little time before the product dries, but it’s worth the trouble. The color selection is limited, but they chose the best colors to have in their collection. I definitely recommend you using your concealer to clean up the sides, it can (not always) get messy.

Swoon - the perfect nude color
Smitten - for a sweet, flirty look
Sasspot - for the bold and daring
Risque - hot and vibrant
Diva - for the classy diva in you

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