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Endless Possibilities

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

Have you ever looked at your life and thought about all of the things you wished you could be doing? Maybe you started to go to college and stopped going for certain circumstances or maybe you feel stuck and goals are not the first thing on your mind. The dreams of being something big seem to just be that, dreams and nothing more. The goals we had when we were young seemed achievable and exciting. Now they seem impossible. The shift of perspective happened when we got older and experienced life a little better. Yes it's true that life tends to surprise us and it's not always a good surprise. We get curve balls thrown at us and sometimes it deters us from the goals and dreams that we once had.  It's completely fine to experience things like that but it's very important to come back and continue walking on the path towards your goals.

I love writing everything down because it helps me be organized and it allows me to see what I wish to accomplish. So I list all of my goals, desires and dreams because a goal without a plan is just a wish. It doesn't matter how extreme the goal is, I write it all down. After that, I like to work on what it takes for these dreams to become a reality. It is possible and I know it's cliche but dreams can and do come true. It takes work, perseverance and patience but in the end it's so worth it!

Don't focus on the struggle to get there and don't give up! Put your focus on the finish line and remind yourself that the journey doesn't always have to be hard. Troubles will come and make it difficult for you to get out of bed and get things done, but remembering that all things are possible and that success comes through work, truly makes the journey worth going through! Whatever your goals, dreams and aspirations are they will come and soon you will be able to scratch that off your list. It IS possible to be successful. It IS possible to get out of debt. It IS possible to graduate. It IS possible to get a career that you love. It IS possible to move on. When you put your mind to it, the possibilities are endless! Let's change our perspectives and face life ready to go towards your dreams!

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