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Amuse Market + Bow Truss Coffee Roasters

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 Catie Coscino

This past Saturday, local artists teamed up with Bow Truss Coffee Roasters and Amuse Market to bring consumers of both coffee and handmade goods together.  Alexandria Wills, the 20-year-old jewelry designer behind Fibonature, and Sarah Sands of Sinclarity Clothing put the event together in order to connect customers to the artisans that are making the items they purchase.  The goal was to promote shopping and dining locally as well as bring awareness to the amazing talent that is so abundant in this beautiful city of ours.

Left to right: Francisco Magos' painting, Beautiful Maladies, Pajaro Negro & Vault Furniture

Sands and Wills handpicked 13 additional artists to showcase and sell their work for the event.  The cool ambiance of Bow Truss coupled with the wide variety of work and entertainment made for a wonderful afternoon- befitting for the neighborhood of Lakeview.

Artist & Contributor Info:

The jewelry designers featured were Wills herself, representing her bohemian brand, Fibonature, and Mashallah Ghouleh with her modern pieces for Mashallah.  April Monteil presented her uniquely dark brand, Pajaro Negro, while Stephanie Vendetta brought forward quirky, cute embroidered jewelry from her brand, The Marsh Wren.

Home decor was abundant, and there was a little something for everybody.  Artisan furniture and housewares were provided by Brandilyn Dunkel and Andrew Gooding of Vault Furniture, and Caroline Robe of Blasfemme Design.  Trendy, colorful prints and decor by Laura Dro Designs, Andrew Rehs of the macabre Beautiful Maladies as well as Jonathan Lee's photography were also displayed and sold.

Laura Dro Designs

Dawn Green of Green Bean Soap Company as well as Danielle Martin of Soap Distillery were also selling their handmade soaps.

Sands offered bohemian clothing options from her brand, Sinclarity Clothing.

Food and beverages were provided by Bow Truss, Hapa Chicago and Laine's Bake Shop.

On top of all of the amazing offerings, Francisco Magos was live painting at the event as well, providing entertainment and inspiration for the crowd.

Francisco Magos live painting with Alexandria Wills

Keep up with Amuse Market by shooting them an e-mail.  You will be added to the mailing list so you can come out and shop first picks from talented local artisans at their next event!  You can also catch some of these artists this weekend at Randolph Street Market.

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