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2BeContinued Jeans Sparks Some Chicago Interest

Thursday, August 27, 2015 Michelle Landriault

I had the opportunity to sit down with Plus Size Fashion Designer miss Conchita Jamison of 2B...(Continued). Conchita makes jeans to fit all bodies, not just sizes. Of course when you hear about someone being able to make jeans to fit every body type you cant help but think to yourself "God must have sent an angel to me". It is every woman's dream to have the best fitting jeans, and usually when you are in the Plus size range, accomplishing this dream is few and far between. Check out my little one on one with the mother of all plus size jeans baby!

Tell us about 2B...(Continued)? Where did you come up with the name? What does it mean to you?

2B...(Continued) is a brand that "Accentuates the waistline uniqueness of curvy women." We are a brand that caters to the curvy fashionista.

We started our brand in Fashion Merchandising School in 2009-2010. Over the next years from 2010-2012 we developed, cultivated and formed our line by taking classes, getting patterns made, getting samples, partnering with master tailors, seamstresses, and different manufacturers to customize our line. Over the next year 2013-2014 we learned our customer and market by partnering to do fashion shows, marketing events, classes, Jean parties, pop up shops etc to get our name out there and our brand recognized and loved. Over the next year to present we are continuing to partner doing fashion shows, in home Jean parties, trunk shows social media, our Online Website and of course continuing to evolve with our customer and keep our finger on the pulse, trend, need and style of the curvy community.

- I came up with the name one day sitting in class at Fashion Merchandising School. It has a 2 fold meaning. There was a young lady sitting in a chair in front of me and her jeans showed all her crack and it looked like her butt should have been stamped to be continued on the next pair of jeans. Lol

The second part of the meaning is all about my kids. I wanted to leave a legacy and inheritance to my children and my children's children. So God gave me the clever way to spell it and there 2B...(Continued) was birthed. It means everything to me!

How do you feel about the plus community, especially the Chicago community?

I'm so passionate about the Plus Community because for so long we were not even acknowledged and the clothing items presented reflected just that. I decided I wanted to shift the tide and show the love and respect that was due by creating a Jean line for women to not only look good but feel good. I love the Chicago Plus Size Community they have shown 2B...(Continued) so much love. I listen to what they would love to wear and then make it happen. There is a mutual respect that I share with the plus size community in Chicago.

Tell me about your brand why was it started, and what it means to you. The proportions and the jeans, what does all that mean?

I started my brand because of the frustration I felt trying to find jeans to fit me and my then 7 year old daughter who had the same problem I had when I created my line. I wanted to find a Jean that made me feel sexy, confident, trendy, etc and fit all my proportions but none existed. So I set out to create a line that fit my proportions not a number like the jeans represented now a days.

When you look in the mirror you don't see a number you see a proportion. At 2B...(Continued) we believe that, as women we are not just body types we are proportions.

What’s something that you would like the consumer to know about your brand, what makes you stand out in the crowd?

What makes us stand out in the crowd is a couple of things; we provide a customized fit at a retail price, we are passionate about the fit so we customize our jeans to fit your proportions not a number, we see the trends and create trends the curvy fashionista wants to buy. We hear what the need is thru feedback from our customers, then create Jeans to not only make our curvy fashionistas look good but feel good too!

Who are some of your favorite designers?
Besides myself, lol some of my favorite designers are: Sara Blakely, Daymond John, Eileen Fisher, Shavonne Dorsey, Kiyoko Linden, just to name a few.

If you could do anything with your brand what would you do? What are you long-term and short-term goals?

If I could do anything with my brand I would pave the way for other designers who are just starting to give them a leg up in the business. I would take my brand global to make sure 2B...(Continued) is a household name dominating closets nationwide. I would create jobs within my company for more people to be able to leave a legacy and inheritance to their children. I would make sure that 2B...(Continued) is a company that people are proud to work for because of what we stand for and what we do to empower communities. I would continue to empower women and continue to donate to and support worthy causes.

My long-term goals are to have a headquarters where I create jobs for people. To form strategic partnerships helping me align myself for getting my brand into the big door Retailers like Saks, Neiman's, Nordstrom's, Macy's, H&M. Go on Shark Tank and make a deal with Daymond John and Lori Greiner. Sell my jeans on QVC. Develop more product ideas with their partnership.

My short-term goals are to partner with and add 5 new boutique outlets every quarter for people to shop. Align with those boutiques to have orders placed every month.

Improve my website making it more user-friendly for people to shop 24/7 with ease. Create a sales team to strategically be in places I can't. This will put us in position to get to more boutiques and customers. Once we acquire the boutiques we will equip them with product on hand, knowledge of the why behind the Brand, train and educate the staff to guide the customer to find their perfect fit, and show them why we love and they will love our 2B...(Continued) Jeans. The last part of my short-term goal is to continue to do what I love to do which is creating products that make women look good and feel good!

Stay tuned...2B...(Continued)!!!

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