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Women of Substance Radio and Podcast Promotes Amazing Female Artists

Saturday, July 18, 2015 Louis Vasseur

Sometimes when you see something that you don't think is right, it is up to you to do something about it.  Singer/songwriter Bree Noble faced such a dilemma.  She had built a successful career as an indie artist:  touring for 9 years, releasing 3 CDs, and winning  several songwriting awards.  However, she noticed that many of the artists she shared the stage with were better than most of what she heard on the radio.

She wondered why all these talented artists weren't getting the recognition she felt they deserved.  Plus she was tired of hearing the same few songs all the time on the radio.  In 2007, Bree put together her own internet radio station, featuring music that she liked, so she had something to listen to while at work.  Soon, she realized that other people were also listening to "her radio station", and they liked it.  Thus, Women of Substance Radio was born.

Women of Substance Radio (www.WOSRadio.com) is a 24/7 online radio station that plays the best music by quality females artists in all genres, both label artists and indie artists.  "I consider it a privilege to discover and promote amazing artists who are not getting the promotion they deserve," says Bree.  Women of Substance radio has become a highly respected and sought after source of promotion for female artists pursued by their PR agents and record labels.  In November 2014, Bree extended her female artist promotion platform when she launched the Women of Substance Music Podcast which promotes independent female artists in all genres.

A new episode is released every weekday, hosted by Bree, and features 7-8  up and coming female artists.  She jokes that she considers herself a "DJ in training".  The Music Podcasts began with a series of holiday programs. One month to the day after the podcast was launched, the project hit 10,000 downloads.   On July 8, 2015, the Women of Substance Music Podcast celebrated the 100,000th download.  Many of the "older" shows keep getting downloaded again and again.  In addition, the project achieved the coveted Top Spot in iTunes New & Noteworthy in all 3 categories the project was eligible for (Music; Art; Society & Culture) and the #2 Audio Podcast in all of iTunes.

Indie pop artist artist Tivoli Skye has had several of  her songs featured on Women of Substance radio, including several that made the Women of Substance Top 20 Indie Song listing.  "It's great to have Bree so dedicated to women artists.  What's nice is that it is confirmation that my original music is something that others want to hear.  I especially like the fact that she is is helping females get noticed.  The music business is hard and so is being heard in such a male dominated industry.  Bree gives you more help in being recognized.  Plus she helps connect female artists with things that may help our careers."

Chicago-based singer/songwriter Joanna Rutzky has had her music featured on Women of Substance radio for several years.  She, too, appreciates the opportunity Women of Substance Radio and Podcast provides to an indie artist like herself.  "I am so grateful for all the promotion and support Bree and Women of Substance gives to indie artists,"  says Joanna.  "It is pretty amazing that my friends and family can hear my songs played in between such amazing artists as Sara Bareilles, Sia, Colbie Caillat, and others."  Joanna's newest song, "Sorry", was voted #1 on the Women of Substance Top 20 Indie Songs for June 2015 and was featured Podcast Show #159.

Despite the success of Women of Substance Radio and Podcast, Bree continues to be actively involved in all aspects of everything Women of Substance.  Artists from all over the world submit their music to be considered to be added to the playlist, which is then evaluated by a selection committee.  However, Bree still listens to each and  every song before it goes on the air.  The quality of the music played on the radio station and podcast is very important to her.  Bree explains, "Substance can be defined as 'significant quality with the implication of a hidden or special significance.'  Music of Substance is not just entertainment or fluff, but has an essential "core" brimming with heart, soul, and spirit."

Always a musician and entrepreneur, Bree continues to expand her platform to help promote female artists.  "I want to help prevent female musicians from facing many of the same struggles I also faced as a young recording artist."  Bree recently began Femusician.com, an online resource aimed at helping up and coming female artists.  Among other resources, the site contains a series of audio interviews with such industry experts as Ariel Hyatt (Cyber PR), Stacey Sherman (RSP Entertainment Marketing), and Myla Smith discussing social media marketing, public relations, and career/life balance.  Bree followed this by establishing the  Female Musician Academy & Artist Collective, an online music industry learning academy exclusively for female musicians.  She also has plans for a series of Women of Substance Artist Showcases in various cities across the U.S.

Bree continues to be excited by Women of Substance and it's prospects for the future.  However, her best reward is when someone tells her about their new favorite artist that they discovered while listening to Women of Substance Radio and Podcast.  Check out some of the best music around and the amazing female artists who created it at www.WOSradio.com.  

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