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The Blush Rush: Clinique Cheek Pop Blushes!

Thursday, July 23, 2015 Michelle Landriault

Clinique has always been the go to brand for skin care in my house. I remember when I was younger they were the only brand that broke skin care up into 3 easy steps, when you're younger (or even now really...) skin care can be the most confusing part of being a woman. When do you use this, or how do you use that... it's a lot to take in!

They broke skin care up into 3 super easy steps for me, it was something that I could easily remember and something that I could easily incorporate into my hectic childhood life. Between music and dance, or summers at my house... my childhood was a busy one.

ANYWAY, Clinique is so much more than just skin care now. After branching out and trying some new things this summer, I've fallen in love with some blushes that are staying in my collection all year round. Are you ready for some poppin' cheeks?

Cheek Pop Blushes were launched last year I believe, but this year there are some new colors that drew me in, and now I'm hooked. I swear I'm going back and buying the rest that I don't own. I'm in love with the colors, I'm in love with the amazing little flower design, but I'm even more in love with the quality of these little babies. These blushes retail for $21.00, and come in 12 vibrant yet wearable shades. They pack a really nice pigmented punch of color, and I love that the flower design is with you for all time. It's not something that was just embossed on there and will fade as you use it, no these flowers are here to stay m'lady.

I have 4 of the shades here, and I love them all! I was really surprised how much I've reached for them since having them in my collection.

*Sorry for the lighting my camera was having an off day, but stay tuned for a little video review of these, and a swatch p-a-r-t-y! 

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