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New Memoir - Growing Up Superheroes: The Extraordinary Adventures of Deihlia Nye

Wednesday, July 15, 2015 Jennifer Oquendo

If you're looking for a coming of age memoir full of passion and hope then Diane Fraser's new memoir will keep you on your toes. "Growing Up Superheroes: The Extraordinary Adventures of Deihlia Nye," is the story of Fraser's niece Deihlia and the many challenges she faced growing up dealing with severe physical issues. The story reveals real life problems with the ability to overcome difficult obstacles that life throws and stare death in the face with no fear. It's a story of survival, bravery and hope. I was honored to have the opportunity to get in contact with Diane Fraser who shared the struggles that her niece was faced with and the love she left behind.

"Deihlia experienced extreme physical trauma through major surgeries throughout her childhood and youth. But Deihlia came in with something incredibly resilient, flexible and strong: her spirit. One of the surgeries she had would undo most people, yet she had over 40 of them and came out of them stronger and more determined to experience what she wanted to experience in life. Her powerful presence in our family made each of our lives bigger, breaking them out of the unhealthy, limited boxes that they were in. Deihlia had this effect on most people. She wanted to do as much as she could while she was alive-enjoying good times with friends and family, accomplishing her goals and exploring her own identity. She knew she was going to die young, so she lived as fully as she could, not letting the conditions of her life keep her from having adventures," Fraser told Halfstack.

It's amazing to see someone so young be brave enough to face scary moments in life and have the strength to move forward while my fear of doctors and needles can almost bring me to tears. To see life through her eyes and imagining myself in her place is really an eye opener. It takes courage to know that you don't have long to live but you still choose to enjoy it and have all the fun you can get.

"People with disabilities are often overlooked or marginalized in media. I hope this book helps to reduce some of that stigma. According to the US Census data for 2012, 1 in 25 people have a serious disability. Not every disability is visible and there are many different kinds of disabilities- from mental disorders like PTSD to cerebral palsy or spina bifida. There isn't a person in the world who would want to have a disability, including the people who do- and to judge them, exclude them or look down upon them because of something they can't control is short sighted and a bit narcissistic," she told Halfstack. "I hope people who haven't thought about it before will simply start to be more inclusive and less judgmental towards people with disabilities."

The desire to continue to live life wholeheartedly even when negativity seems to lurk around is definitely a lesson that should be learned. Deihlia's humor taught those around her that even when it's rough, living life is still possible. "Deihlia's story celebrates uniqueness, relationships and creative self-identity. She lived it and modeled it every day, against great odds. We need more role models for authenticity, and I hope this book delivers a few of them!"

This memoir will truly change the way you view the term disability. It will cause you to appreciate the life you have and to embrace those near you while you can. You can find the memoir on for purchasing.

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