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Natural Character: Find Out Your Pup's Personality Type

Thursday, July 30, 2015 Catie Coscino

Natural Balance pet food has an admirable mission: to feed the unique character that lives within each pet.  In the spirit of doggie love,  Natural Balance conducted a Natural Character survey of 1,015 dog parents in the U.S.  The goal was to discover more about the emotional lives of dogs.  The findings were both fascinating and adorable!

My pup, Steven, and I

The Survey Findings

1) It turns out that dogs exhibit emotional behaviors that are often only attributed to humans.

-93% of dog parents believe dogs have the ability to smile.
-79% of dog parents believe dogs feel embarrassment.
-99.6% of dog parents believe dogs feel happiness.
-90% of dog parents believe dogs have the ability to worry.

2) The survey suggests that owners and their dogs typically have many common traits!

-66% of extroverts have dogs that love meeting new people, but only 28% of introverts have outgoing dogs.
-72% of dogs that do tricks have parents who've exhibited a lifelong love of learning. Conversely, only 28% of dogs whose parents don't place a high value on learning enjoy mastering new tricks.
-25% of people who are highly selective about what they eat also have dogs with particular tastes, whereas only 8% of people with a diverse diet have choosy dogs.

3) With their ability to understand and display a complex array of emotions, dogs are remarkably capable of providing their humans with comfort and happiness.

-79% of dog parents say their dog actively attempts to comfort them.
-55% of dog parents say their dog looks at them with loving eyes.
-52% of dog parents say their dog can sense when they are sad.

The most surprising statistic, to me, was that 7% of the dog owner's surveyed felt their dogs couldn't smile.  My little Steven, a chihuahua and shih tzu mix, smiles more than most people I know!  That being said, I tested him with the pup personality quiz created by Natural Balance and, not shockingly, he is a "sensitive soul."  I would end up with a furry little Drama King.  Take the quiz below to find out what type of personality your dog has.

The Pup Personality Quiz

1. When an unfamiliar person approaches your dog, does he:

A. Cower in fear
B. Size up the person then go about his business
C. Sniff the person up and down
D. Cover the person in kisses before she knew what hit her

2. When your dog is learning a new trick, does she:

A. Take a lot of coaxing to try the trick
B. Learn the trick quickly but refuse to do it on command
C. Want to keep practicing over and over
D. Show off the trick to anyone who will watch

3. When your dog sees another dog getting attention, does he:

A. Skulk away and ignore the other dog
B. Bark or otherwise try to draw the attention to himself
C. Find a toy to play with or something else to do
D. Try to interact with the dog who is getting attention

4. When your dog is playing with other dogs, does she:

A. Go belly-up and let the other dogs sniff her
B. Roughhouse with the other dogs and assert her dominance
C. Gently sniff or lick the other dogs
D. Chase and get chased by the other dogs in the spirit of good fun
5. When your dog gets fed, does he:

A. Slowly eat his food until it's all gone
B. Get distracted by other dogs or people he feels might steal his food
C. Lose interest in the food after he's had enough to eat
D. Gobble up his food and lick his bowl clean

6. When your dog is out of the house with you, does she:

A. Try to stay near you
B. Bark at anyone who comes near you
C. Wander from you and try to discover new smells
D. Run up to anyone she can find to try to get some pets

7. When your dog wants to show he loves you, does he most often:

A. Lay his head on your lap
B. Shove a toy into your hand and ask to play
C. “Talk” to you with whimpers or friendly barks
D. Kiss you


Every dog has his or her own unique character that shines through in different ways. Here are some of the most common doggie traits.

If you chose mostly “A,” your dog is...

Sensitive Souls value consistency and feel best in their own surroundings. Capable of feeling highly complex emotions, they look to you as a comforting presence in their lives.
This is the 4th most common dog personality type.

If you chose mostly “B,” your dog is...

Leaders of the pack want to be in charge at all times. They can be demanding but their spunk and charisma is completely magnetic.
This is the 3rd most common dog personality type.

If you chose mostly “C,” your dog is...

Pupil Pups want to understand the world and to be understood themselves. Though they can sometimes seem aloof when focused on something that catches their interest, they are highly intuitive and caring.
This is the 2nd most common dog personality type.

If you chose mostly “D,” your dog is...

Happy-Go-Luckies aim to please. They love meeting new people and can easily get distracted, but when you are feeling down, they can tell and know just how to comfort you.
This is the most common dog personality type.

Natural Balance produces health conscious dog food, minus the mystery ingredients.  Wholesome, nutritious ingredients are the basis and to top it off, the lab results for every bag of food are available and trackable for consumers online.

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