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Cur8able: Fashion for All

Wednesday, July 08, 2015 Catie Coscino

Stephanie Thomas is a fashion editor, stylist and all-around game changer.  Her mission?  Creating and curating fashionable looks for people with disabilities.  Often times, those who have disabilities find that on-trend clothing options are limited.  While many of us may feel as though we can't find the right outfit to save our lives, it is much harder to imagine the same scenario in the shoes of a person who has no arms.  Considering the fact that 15% of the world's population lives with disabilities according to the World Health Organization, it is essential that society's mindset changes.  No longer can we go on thinking that people with disabilities are given all of the same options as those without, because it is simply not true.  Thomas has created Cur8able to address the lack of attention on the subject.

Katy Sullivan. All images belong to Cur8able.

In her most recent lookbook, Thomas features celebrities with disabilities wearing fashion-forward, affordable and easily accessible clothing.  In doing so, she hopes that the exposure will inspire more designers to create with those that have different body types in mind.

Clockwise starting at top left: Michael D'Amore, Alexander Gray, Alanna Flax-Clark, Jamie Brewer, Ali Stroker. Images belong to Cur8able.
Actors and actresses Katy Sullivan, Michael D'Amore, Ali Stroker and Jamie Brewer pose in the gorgeous lookbook.  Also featured are Alanna Flax-Clark, a public figure whose goal is to raise awareness, and Alexander Gray, bow tie designer behind Alexander G. Bow Ties.  The models wear brands such as AG Apparel, Versa Access Wear, Magna Ready, and Abl Denim, all of which are designed for those who have disabilities.

Interested in Thomas' mission?  Spread the word!  The best way to make a change is to increase awareness.

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