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Creative Spotlight - Joelle's Emporium

Thursday, July 30, 2015 HALFSTACK MAGAZINE

One of my favorite things about working on Halfstack is the opportunity I get to connect with people, artists, designers and any other creative. Sometimes, these people are thousands of miles away and a phone call or an email can spark a beautiful discussion. Yet, the most amazing part is that I get to share these people, their stories and journeys with all of you readers out there.

Joelle Poulos is a UK artist and she is a young woman who has a whole lot of heart and hustle behind her brand Joelle's Emporium. Her creativity and zest for life is evident in her work, the designs she creates and products she sells in her online shop. The shop is a mix of home goods, temp tattoos and art. I instantly fell in love with her temp tattoos series that included beautiful lunar images and symbols like om. As a yoga practitioner, these ideas resonated with me in their simple beauty. Yet, she has a range of beautiful imagery that is sure to connect with anyone. She also has a  collections of temps that give back to the community. This idea is deeply rooted in Joelle's personal views as an artist and in her goals to go beyond creating art just for herself. You can check them out here.

She is a multi-disciplinary artist who has an eye for soft and dreamy aesthetics. Aside from running her online shop she is also a wedding photographer. This young woman has great dreams and the tenacity and drive to go for them. To learn more about her read on! 

Can you tell me more about yourself, your background how you got your start in your career?
Well, my creativity has always run through my mums side of the family and I'm a firm believer that creativity is inherited. For a long time I've known that creating was what I was all I wanted to do and unlike most people, I had that drive to make a living doing what I love. My main specialisms are art and photography, last year I completed my art foundation but decided against a degree as I found it very creatively restrictive. Career wise, I started my first business selling jewellery at age 14... This was pretty successful, but I lost interest several years later and shifted my focus to schoolwork. A couple years later (2011 I believe) I started selling vintage clothes on etsy, a few years later I started to really trying to push as a professional artist. Eventually I stumbled across temporary tattoos and that has been my favourite business venture yet. I have also been been doing paid photography assignments for several years, mainly focusing on wedding photography (which I adore!). I also hope to pursue a career as a tattoo artist when I return from my travels.

Tell me more about your business and why you have chosen the path of an entrepreneur?

Joelle's Emporium is a small business selling temporary tattoos, custom made t shirts, framed and un framed prints, housewares, stickers and more! All my creations pretty much end up on my shop. I chose this path because I love running businesses... I can't quite explain it but I find it so satisfying (so much more than working for someone else) and I personally deem working for other people a waste of time (not just for me personally but anyone's who's passions lie elsewhere).

What have been some of your most profound moments, projects you are most proud of as business owners?

Shortly after I finished my art foundation I was really trying to peruse a good career that was also creative (such as a graphic designer). After trying for a long time with no success, my parents sat me down (and I'm so glad they did) and told me I would be better off pursuing my own creative endeavors. This was some of the best advice I ever received. Project wise, it would probably be my temporary tattoo range.

Have there been any key people that have influenced your current career and your life?

My mum has always been a huge influence in my creative life... Always pushing me to be better. I also have a huge number of influences that make me strive to work harder. Photography wise  Olivia Bee has achieved so much and she's only a year older than me, it just makes me think that if you work hard enough you can achieve anything.

What do you consider innovation in your field, how do you plan to continue to push the boundaries?

Innovation in my field... I would say it's pretty hard (not art wise but business wise) but I feel companies like Tattly are doing a pretty great job at creating some rad temporary tattoos with great personality and branding. I feel like being innovate within art isn't nearly as difficult - I see really inspiring and innovative art quite frequently on instagram and pinterest.

Have you faced any struggles or obstacles as business owner or even just in life that has affected your journey? If so, how did you manage to overcome?

The expenses of the western world are definitely a struggle for me, just getting by often means working 2 jobs and 12 hour days. I figure though, things can only get better, especially now I've hired someone to dispatch my orders so I have all the time in the world right now to focus on business expansion and such... Other struggles often include staying positive, I realise now that it's all about maintaining a positive state of mind, you can actually re wire your brain into thinking positively by listing 5 things you are grateful every day.

If you could go back and tell your 18-year-old self one thing, or give yourself one bit of advice, what would it be?

Wasn't all that long ago, but it would probably be: to work really hard and pursue what you love.

What kind of advice would you give young people looking to turn their passion into a career that has meaning?

I personally struggle a lot with this, I find it hard to feel like I'm giving enough when most of my business involves my personal benefit. I personally counteracted this by simply giving more, I created a charity range and I give a 40% commission to my contributing temporary tattoo artists. This is one of the reasons I hope to train as a tattoo artist, instead of your art being just for you and expressing your creativity.... you are creating a custom piece of art for someone who gets to wear it for the rest of their life. I just love that!

Where can we learn more about you and your business?

The best places to keep up with me and learn more about me:

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