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5 Ways to Style a Midi Skirt

Friday, July 10, 2015 Tyronita Bell

Google data has been the most innovate trend forecasting tools of this time.  From the records collected, Google confirmed a popularity in tulle skirts, and joggers. The report also identified a gradual rise in midi skirts. Many people having been searching for style inspiration for this trend, which is why it hasn't gained much traction at this time because consumers are unsure on how to wear a midi skirt. Here are five super easy ways to wear a midi skirt:

1. Crop Top

2. Tank Top
photo found via style pantry

3. Oxford
photo found via theclassycubicle.com

4. T-shirt

photo found via topknotgoods.com

5. Fitted  Top
photo found via lyst.com

As for shoes and accessories the sky is the limit with this trend! You can get away with pumps, flats, sandals, even mules! Depending on the look you are going for, you can wear as many or as little accessories you desire.

Happy Dressing!

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